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Fingal County Council

Culture & Sports Division
Sports Funding Application Form

Please note that applications will not be processed unless all required information is provided. Additional information can be uploaded at the end of this application.                                                * denotes fields that are mandatory

Funding Category

1. Group Details

Please check email correspondence from ppn@fingal.ie to confirm your FCCR number

Project refers to activity / equipment purchase / event for which funding is being sought

Please Note : These contact details will be used for all communication regarding this application

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2. Sports Equipment Detail

2.2 Describe in DETAIL the proposed purchase of equipment on which your group intends to use Fingal County Council Funding. *

2.4 Please tick the Priority Areas to which this grant application relates *

2.5 Please tick the categories that are most appropriate to the project to which this grant relates *

2.7 Target Group(s) that will benefit from this project *

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3. Safeguarding Children
This information MUST be provided if the project involves working with young people (under 18 years) and/or vulnerable people.

Note : all people working with young and/or vulnerable people must be Garda Vetted in compliance with the Children and Vulnerable Persons Act 2012 and adhere to current safeguarding legislation.

3.3 Children's Officer Details

3.4 Child Safeguarding Statement Details

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5. Financial Information
5.2 Please provide a full breakdown of costs.  Note that the items listed below must total the full cost of your project and will be the only items considered.
Item Cost of item € 
Please Note:
For all costs items you MUST attach a quotation. 
Upload a separate sheet if you do not have room to list a full breakdown of costs.
All groups are eligible to apply for 100% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of €3,000.
5.4 Breakdown of how your equipment will be funded

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6. Declaration

Declarer is the person authorised by his/her group to submit this application

7. Relevant Supporting Documentation

Upload your quotations here. For all cost items you MUST upload a quotation

If you have any more attachments, please email them directly to sports@fingal.ie
You will receive a confirmation email when you submit this application.