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Thank you for providing information about your research site. This survey is used for sites in various countries with different disease experiences. if some questions are not applicable for your site, they can be skipped. If you have questions or need help completing this survey, please contact jtoro@fhiclinical.com
Site Information

Site Contacts

Address Information

Disease Experience

Please provide information about the site's trial experience with specific diseases. If you have multiple expertise areas, please consider listing at a minimum your top three areas. You can add experience related to additional diseases by clicking "Add Experience" in the bottom right.
Site Experience

Vaccine Experience

Additional Disease Information

If there are additional diseases in the site area that the site does not have experience with, please list them here.
Disease Prevalence

EPI Vaccine Schedule

EPI Information


Site Facilities

Lab Capabilities

Lab Certification


Site Training

Awareness of Availability

Approval Bodies

Regulatory Information

Overall Performance

Challenges and Opportunities