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If you have opted in for 100% renewable energy from your utility company or if you have solar panels or wind turbines on your property that provide 100% of your energy, then answer yes. Otherwise, say no. 20 points if yes, 0 points if no.

Are all your appliances powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels? 1 point for each.

They should be Energy-Star certified. 1 point for each.

This means that it does not have any air leaks, it is well insulated, the windows are double paned, and sun and shading is used to manage the desired temperature without using more AC/heating. If you are not sure, you can do an evaluation.

Do you avoid wasting energy by not leaving things on, such as lights or appliances? Do your devices auto shut off when not in use? Do you set your AC/heater temperature ranges the lowest possible but still comfortable enough?

Buy good quality that will last, with purpose, with the goal to buy the fewest products possible.

Also consider if the packaging materials are sustainable.

1 Point each.

1 Point each.

Do you also attempt to conserve water usage? 1 Point each.

If you don’t have any investments, answer how you would invest if you could.

Here is Your Good Human Score:

% Good Human
Points Out of 200 Max
The maximum amount of points you can score is 200, which means you are doing everything indicated to live in the most sustainable way.
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