2020 Spring Session Registration:  March 2 - June 12                    LOUDOUN THERAPEUTIC RIDING

General Information

Participant Availability for 12-week Spring Session - March 2- June 5 (makeup week June 8-12) Please indicate a time of day preference below. Very limited Friday p.m. space available upon request.

Next Steps: 

Thank you for completing the 12-Week Spring Session Registration form! 

You will now be redirected back to the forms page of our websiteYou will need to print the Physician's Statement form, have the doctor complete, sign & date and then return to LTR, Inc. via email, or by postal mail. 

Optional: If the applicant receives physical, occupational, speech therapy or mental health services you may download or direct your therapist to the forms page to download a Therapist Assessment Form. This information is helpful for lesson planning.

The LTR Program Director will contact you regarding the session schedule once available space is determined. If lesson space is confirmed, you will receive an invoice via email for program service fees of $785/12 weeks which may be paid in 2 installments. Installment #1 ($525)  is due prior to the first day of the session. Installment #2 ($260) will be invoiced prior to week #6 of the 12-week spring semester. Please contact us at 703-771-2689 with questions.