Moving Clinics Upstream: Design Sprint Interest Form


CCI is excited to offer a unique capacity-building opportunity for your team to host a design sprint late summer/early fall 2020. 
What is a design sprint?
A design sprint is an accelerated, collaborative problem solving method from design thinking. Over a few intense days, stakeholders co-create ideas and build and test solutions with stakeholders. The design sprint is facilitated by expert consultants.

To learn more about design sprints, watch this video.

Why are we offering this facilitated experience?
For Phase 2 of the program (January to August 2020), your team is expected to begin testing approaches to identify and address food insecurity or transportation. This offering will help your team use design tools to brainstorm approaches and quickly test those approaches with the stakeholders in the room. 

What teams would be best suited for this opportunity?
Teams that are open and enthusiastic about applying design to their social needs issues. You may already be testing solutions but hope to unearth more ideas with community members.

When would this happen?
Your team would find three consecutive days within the April - June time frame to host the design sprint. In this form, your team will be asked to provide some dates where your core team is able to participate in a design sprint alongside our consultants.

If you host a design sprint, your team will:
  • Receive an honorarium of at least $5,000 to offset the time your team spends prepping for the activities and purchasing materials and food.
  • Carve out 3 consecutive days to fully participate in the design sprint.
  • Invite your core stakeholders (eg, patients, clinic staff, etc) that would be able to participate and provide feedback during the design sprint. Patients/clients can receive $1,000 individual stipends for participating.
  • Attend at least two planning calls with the consultants, and purchase materials and food for the participants.
  • Secure a dedicated space (eg, meeting room) where you can host 15-20 people. CCI will work with you to find this space, but it would preferably be onsite. 

Any questions related to the design sprints can be emailed to Diana Nguyen.
Point Person for Coordinating Design Sprint Logistics

Design Sprint Interest