Share your work at 100Kin10's 9th Annual Partner Summit!

** The deadline to submit a presentation proposal is now closed. Please contact community@100Kin10.org with any questions. **

We’re excited you’re interested in sharing your work at Summit! Please carefully read all the details below before continuing on to the presentation proposal form. 

100Kin10’s 9th Annual Partner Summit (April 22, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA at Carnegie Science Center) offers the opportunity for leaders in STEM teaching and learning to come together and swap strategies for making progress against our shared goals. Summit is anchored by partner-led sessions, where partners present adaptable approaches, key lessons, and questions for the network about their work addressing the STEM teacher shortage.

Deadline to submit this form: March 2, 2020

How do partner-led sessions work?

  • Each 60-minute session will bring together 2-3 presentations focused on a similar area or theme.

  • Presentations run one right after the other, for 10 minutes each.

  • After all presenters share, the room evolves into an open discussion for presenters to respond to each other, and everyone in the room is invited to ask questions, bounce ideas off of each other, and identify connections to build from. All presenters should be prepared to ask/respond to questions with session attendees. 

  • 100Kin10 staff are in the room to help facilitate.

Who can present?

  • 100Kin10 partners and members of the 100Kin10 Teacher Forum are welcome to submit presentation proposals.

  • Presentations should be focused on work led by, or primarily involving, the person/organization submitting the proposal.

  • If your presentation is focused on collaborative work from more than one partner organization, we request that you have no more than 2 individual presenters per presentation, as presentations are limited to 10 minutes.

  • A note about Summit registration! Since Summit has limited spots for attendees, we are asking organizations to send one representative, with an exception for individuals who are on a 2020 Project Team. We may also be able to provide (but unfortunately cannot guarantee) exceptions for individuals who are presenting in a partner-led session. Before completing this form, please consider who might be the best suited representative from your organization to present and attend this year’s event.

What kind of presentation topics are you looking for?

This year, we strongly encourage that presentations address the topics most relevant to the network. Check out this Inspiration List to see questions that partners have raised over the past year -- these are the topics other partners are hungry to learn about and connect with others on! 

In particular, we’re eager to highlight work around our network’s catalyst focus areas: 

While we’re excited to focus on these high-interest areas, all topics connected to the Grand Challenges are meaningful. We’d love to learn about any work (at your organization or in collaboration with other 100Kin10 partners) which relates to the Grand Challenges.

How will you select proposals, and when can I expect to learn if I’m accepted?

  • You can submit a presentation proposal from January 14 through March 2. 

  • 100Kin10 will contact accepted presenters on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to submit as early as possible as there are limited slots available.

  • All accepted presenters will be notified no later than March 10, 2020.

  • Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate all presentation proposals, and we’ll prioritize proposals from 100Kin10 partners. 

Want to review all the questions in this form before starting? Click here.

In case we need to reach you on the day of Summit.

Many partners collaboratively co-developed great approaches. If you plan to present your work with another organization, please let us know. Please note that the sessions may have a maximum of two presenters total.

Are you presenting on any of the network’s focus catalysts or trending topics? 

We welcome sessions on any topic that connects to the Grand Challenges and our shared goal of solving the STEM teacher shortage. 

Our network is increasingly working on the catalyst challenges and we’re excited to uplift the work you’re doing around those catalysts at Summit. Please complete the following questions to indicate whether your presentation addresses any of our focus catalysts and/or the trending commitments we’re seeing from partners across the network.

Partners across our network are committed to ensuring that all students are able to access strong STEM instruction. In particular, we’ve seen a commitment to reaching students and teachers of color, and students and teachers in geographically isolated areas.

Tell us about your presentation!

Help us get a sense of: 

  • What you’ll present about

  • What kind of engagement you’re looking for

Provide a succinct description of what others can expect to learn about through your presentation. This will be published in Summit materials.

Consider including details about:
- What you set out to accomplish and why
- What others can adapt or learn from your work
- What key takeaways you uncovered through your work
- What didn’t go as planned
- Where this work is going next

Summit is a chance to share ready-to-implement, “stealable” solutions that you hope others can adapt and iterate -- and even projects that didn’t go as planned, but helped you learn some key takeaways and insights.

It’s also a place for sharing “half-baked,” in-progress projects -- fellow Summit attendees can respond and share insights on specific questions to help advance your work.

These questions should be relevant to the stage your work is in on April 22, 2020.