2020-2021 Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship Application

The Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship is an academic-year program that invests in Latino education leaders in Greater Boston and Greater Houston. This program focuses on long-term support for Latino education leaders. 

The following attachments will be required as part of the application criteria:
  1. Resume (2-page max in .PDF or .DOC format)
  2. Short Response Questions (Attach as .DOC format only):
  • Question 1: What do you think is the most pressing challenge faced by Latino families in accessing quality education? (500 word limit)
  • Question 2: What brings you to this work? What in your experiences has shaped your beliefs about education? (300 word limit)
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Applicant Information

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Employment and Education

Essay Responses and Resume


Please list two (2) references that can speak to your education, experience, and work. Consider listing individuals who have known you for more than one year. A current manager/supervisor and a professional reference is highly encouraged. 

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Latino Identity

Please rate your skill level in regard to your Spanish language abilities.
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Demographic Information

Referrals/Nominations (OPTIONAL)

Latinos for Education strongly believes in rising as a collective and aims to build a strong network of Latino educations in the work. We would love to share on the great things we are leading with other Latino educators in your network that may be interested. We appreciate your time in providing contact information for others you may think would be a great fit for the Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship.

Someone on the Latinos for Education team will reach out to these individuals directly. 

This section is not required but appreciated!

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