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Textile Exchange values all feedback received, including complaints. Textile Exchange will review each complaint in detail and provide an initial response to the complaint within ten business days of receipt, including requests for any additional information or clarification as needed.
The Textile Exchange Complaints and Feedback Policy explains in detail how Textile Exchange receives, manages, and addresses both complaints and general feedback relating to Textile Exchange standards, standards logos, and scheme participants. Please see ASR-110-V2.0 Complaints and Feedback Policy for more details. 
Please use the form below to submit complaints related to Textile Exchange standards, policies, procedures, and systems, as well as the performance of scheme participants as it relates to Textile Exchange standards.

Please also use this form if you have identified use of the logos for Textile Exchange standards, or references to the standards which do not appear to be allowed usage. 
Complaints or feedback about Textile Exchange’s activities outside of the standards should be submitted using the Textile Exchange Contact Form  or as per section B1.2 of ASR-110-V2.0 Complaints and Feedback Policy.

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You may upload up to 3 documents / files / attachments relating to your complaint. Note, the total combined file size must not exceed 20MB

Depending on the nature of the complaint, Textile Exchange may need to disclose the identity of the complainant to allow the full investigation of the complaint. Textile Exchange will only disclose information which is deemed necessary for this. If there is a special reason why information about your identity is sensitive (e.g. for whistleblowers), please include this in your description of the complaint.

A choice other than ‘Yes’ to this question may limit Textile Exchange’s ability to fully investigate this complaint, particularly if we are not given permission to inform the applicable certification body.

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