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No application for financial assistance from the Royal Variety Charity can be considered without this application form being completed in full.  To aid your application, please give us as much information as you can and please note that it can take up to six weeks for your application to be processed and approved.  

  1. Please ensure that you provide a CV/ Biog detailing your professional work in the entertainment industry, which can be supplemented by further evidence such as posters, flyers, references from agents and/or producers and copies of employment contracts.
  2. Please note that we are only able to assist those who have worked professionally in entertainment for a minimum of seven years, earning the majority of their income from the industry.  As a private charity, we try to assist as many applicants as we can, but we would encourage you to also apply to other charities for help and you should detail these applications on the form
  3. Please also provide a copy of your most recent bank statement(s); please note we do not accept screen shots of one page, and a photo of your photo/details page of your UK passport, or your Birth Certificate.  

Please note that The Royal Variety Charity is only able to offer assistance to British citizens. Grants will often be paid directly to the supplier of any services or goods required, so please provide us much information as possible.


If you need help completing this application please contact

or telephone 020 8898 8164 for assistance.  There is no need to use £ signs in the number fields.

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What we do with your information

The Royal Variety Charity will hold your personal data and information about you in writing or electronically in relation to your application for support.  We may wish to contact other charities for information to support this application or seek assistance on your behalf.  We may search publically available records, for example social media.  Further details on your rights regarding personal information are available on helpline 0303 123 113. Full details of our privacy statement are available on our website.

The Royal Variety Charity registered number is 206451

I confirm that the details that I have given in this application are correct and that the financial statement has been fully and truthfully answered to the best of my ability. If my circumstances should change or if I receive support from any other charity I will notify The Royal Variety Charity immediately.