2020/21 SC Service Leaders Fellowship Application


Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis, but complete applications must be received no later than July 15th, 2020.

Eligibility: In order to be considered for a SC Service Leaders Fellowship, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:


Ha 1) Have received an offer of enrollment to serve in a term of service with an AmeriCorps SC program.

§  Eligible programs are listed on the following website: https://www.uwasc.org/americorps

§  Individuals who intend on enrolling in either a part or full-time AmeriCorps SC term of service may apply to the SC Service Leader’s fellowship program; however, priority consideration will be given to applicants that intend to serve in a full-time 1700hr term.


       2) Must be able to demonstrate financial hardship by submitting the following:

                           i.          A bank statement demonstrating less than $5,000 in savings.

                          ii.          A prior year tax return with a total gross income of less than:

§ $23,221 if single

§ $38,693 if single with one child

§ $45,330 if single with more than one child

§ $46,537 if married with one or more children

                         iii.          Additionally, as part of the application process applicants will also be required to certify that they do not receive any financial support or income from family members, partners, friends, acquaintances, or other parties.

*Financial eligibility limits were established by consulting top-tier limits in self-sufficiency standards feature on pg. 16 of the Self Sufficiency Standard for South Carolina.

3) Are able to provide a letter of recommendation

Commitment Requirements:

If selected to become a SC Service Leaders Fellow and receive scholarship funding, Fellows must commit to the following: 

1.      1) Enroll in an AmeriCorps SC service position that has been offered to them.

(Scholarship awards and funding will not be issued until the Fellow has been enrolled.)


        2) Remain enrolled in the service position, and complete the program and service hour requirements applicable to the position.

(Scholarship funds will be distributed on a quarterly basis, contingent on proof that the Fellow is still enrolled and actively serving in the AmeriCorps SC program.)


       3) Provide a brief bio at the beginning of the Fellow’s term of service, which will be featured on the SC Service Leaders’ website and social media accounts.


        4) Attend quarterly professional development opportunities.

(May require occasional in-state travel. The cost of mileage to attend these events will be factored into the scholarship award, and gas/transportation must be paid for by the Fellow.)


5         5)Provide an end-of-term write-up that describes the Fellow’s service experience, key takeaways or accomplishments, and next-step goals.

(This write-up will be featured on the SC Service Leaders’ website and social media accounts.)