Big Timber Canyon 2020


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If you are flying, please include air travel time and drive time from the airport. Note this information is required for grants and is not used to determine eligibility for project. 
MWA Volunteer Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Agreement 

Montana Wilderness Association (MWA) makes every attempt to keep volunteers safe by providing safety gear, well maintained tools, and experienced leaders in the field. However, outdoor work and trail projects have inherent risks that are not 100% eliminated even after intentional mitigation. Each MWA volunteer must take responsibility for their own decisions as well as understand and accept the potential dangers and risks involved with a volunteer project. Please read the MWA Volunteer Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks Agreement and let us know whether you agree to the terms stated. Please click on the document link if you haven't already to review.

YES must be selected to participate on MWA project(s).
Under 18 Years Old?

If you are a minor (less than 18 years old) we require the MWA Volunteer Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks Agreement to also be reviewed by your parent/guardian. Please download the form at the link given and have your parent/guardian check off below that they also agree and accept the terms of the MWA Volunteer Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks Agreement.

YES must be selected in order for youth to participate on MWA project.
Risk Analysis

All volunteers must read through the Risk Analysis. This information is intended to keep you safe, inform you of hazards and help you mitigate risks while on a project. Safety will be our top priority throughout the project.

Yes must be selected to participate on MWA project(s).
Emergency Contact

Please enter info for someone that will NOT be on the volunteer project with you. Make sure this person knows they are listed as your emergency contact and knows when you will be on the project.

Medical Information

This includes pharmaceutical, environmental and food-related allergies. Please put "none" if applicable in field above.

Info is kept confidential. Volunteers are required to self-administer medications. Volunteer must inform project leaders where medications are stored while on project in event of emergency. Volunteers are requested to contact the MWA if any medical or health condition changes before the start of selected project. By accepting this agreement you acknowledge that providing inaccurate medical or health information or falsifying medical or health information can create serious risks to participant or others, and/or can result in participant’s dismissal from the trip.

Please understand that although MWA staff may review your health information and accept your registration, ultimately, it is the participant’s (and parent/s of minors) responsibility, in consultation with their physician, to determine if MWA activities are an appropriate match. Participants understand that they share in the responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others on the trip. Please review the MWA Volunteer Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks Agreement.

Food and Dietary Needs/Wants
Meal planning and cooking for a big group in the backcountry can be a difficult task. We are happy to accomodate vegetarians, but might not be able to accomodate rigid restrictions or diets.

Outdoor & Trail Work Experience

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Privacy Act Statement

Collection and use is covered by Privacy Act System of Records OPM/GOVT-1 and USDA/OP-1, and is consistent with the provisions of 5 USC 552a (Privacy Act of 1974), which authorizes acceptance of the information requested on this form. The data will be used to maintain official records of volunteers of the USDA and USDI  for the purposes of tort claims and injury compensation.  Furnishing this data is voluntary, however if this form is incomplete, enrollment in the program cannot proceed.

Refundable Deposit

You will be redirected to a secure payment page after submitting your registration. You must complete the MWA Refundable Project Deposit Form to finish your registration process.
Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We recognize there are many places you can choose to donate your time and energy. THANK YOU for choosing Montana Wilderness Association!