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The form below allows you to make contributions to the Transplant Fund or CARES Fund.
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The Transplant Fund is the general fund for the FMC Foundation, focusing on raising awareness of kidney disease and transplantation as a lifesaving solution.

The CARES Fund provides financial assistance to employees affected by unforeseen emergency situations, such as disasters or hardships.

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We appreciate our donors and periodically recognize donors in Foundation newsletters, on our website, and in other publications or events. Such recognition may include your first and last name or preferred name, and financial level of your contribution. To be included in recognition activities, please provide your preferred name for recognition. If a preferred name is not provided and you have not chosen to donate anonymously, we will use your first and last name. If you'd prefer to make this donation anonymously, please use Anonymous as your preferred name for recognition.

This is how your name will appear on any public recognition. Consider whether you’d like to include your middle name or initial, spouse’s name or charitable fund. For guidance, doctors are listed as Dr. John Doe (instead of John Doe, MD) and couples are listed in alphabetical order by first name.
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