If you select more than 1 service (Counselling, Group Work or Practical and Emotional support) you will be added to a separate waiting list for each service. Each service will be provided by a different worker, if you choose all 3 services, you would work with 3 different workers. If you are unsure please read the section below or select 'Not Sure' and our Administrator will contact you to explain more about the individual services.

Counselling - A counselling referral will offer up to 20 sessions of trauma-informed counselling that can be accessed either face to face, online or over the telephone.  Your counselling will always be delivered by a woman. Accessing counselling is based on needs, risk and therapeutic assessment. Please take a look at our criteria page on our website. If we are not able to offer you counselling at this stage we will guide you to find more appropriate support to help you in preparation for future counselling.


 Group Work- A referral will mean that you, or the person you’re referring, will be contacted by our Group Worker to discuss joining a group. We offer a number of different groups and brief descriptions can be found on our Group Work page on the RCTN website. Our groups offer weekly sessions from between 4-8 weeks. We also offer an Ongoing Monthly Peer Support Group. Before joining a group you will be invited to a pre-group one-to-one meeting to discuss groups and complete a risk assessment. Group support can be accessed either face to face or online. RCTN groups are for those that have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives and feel like a woman only space is right for them. We do not accept referrals for our groups from those currently within the criminal justice system in relation to a sexual violence, this is to protect the case. 


 Practical and Emotional Support - Practical and Emotional Support referral provides a flexible combination of practical, emotional, advocacy or ISVA support via face-to-face appointments, phone calls, email or online. If you are considering reporting/have reported sexual violence to the police, we can act as your Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) to help you through the process. We have specialist ISVA’s working with people with different learning needs, under 25’s and people living in rural areas. You will not be able to tell your ISVA about any of the details of the incident being investigated, as this will be seen as ‘contaminating’ your evidence. Emotional support is a safe space for you to talk and receive reassurance and encouragement, if you want therapy we can refer you to the Counselling service. There may be some things that are not appropriate for us to advise you on (e.g. legal advice) in which case we will support you to access the most appropriate service.