UUSC 80th Anniversary Testimonial Upload Form

In celebration of UUSC’s 80th anniversary and to encourage more people to join us as UUSC members, we are inviting supporters to share a short reflection about what UUSC’s work means to them as supporters. Thank you for considering submitting a testimonial! 

Videos will be included in a video montage celebrating UUSC’s 80th anniversary and a video encouraging people to support UUSC. These videos may be shown during UUSC events, worship services, and on UUSC social media. We are interested in using written testimonial on UUSC's website and to encourage support via online or print publications. 

We encourage testimonials to cover whatever topic or questions feel closest to the heart. The following are just sample questions:

·      Why are you proud to be a supporter of UUSC?

·      Why is UUSC important in the world?

·      What is your favorite thing about UUSC?

·      I support UUSC because ______.

·      It matters to me that UUSC exists because ______.

·      The three words I would use to describe UUSC are _______.

·      I am especially drawn to UUSC’s work on/in/with _______.

·      With my support, I hope UUSC continues to ______.

·      How do you hope UUSC’s legacy of advancing human rights and resisting oppressive systems informs our work, and Unitarian Universalism, in the future?

Thank you so much for submitting a testimonial for UUSC's 80th anniversary! We are incredibly grateful and look forward to watching or reading it. If you have any questions about the process or how your testimonial will be used, please contact Carly Cronon at ccronon@uusc.org.