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2019 Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers: Entirely Virtual 8th International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference

Deadline for Submission

Feeding Matters is seeking accomplished speakers to share their knowledge, experience, and skills at the 2021 International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference.

 Attendees will include healthcare professionals who are furthering advances in pediatric feeding disorder by accelerating identification, igniting research, and promoting collaborative care for children and families. Session speakers who are selected will be responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities included in this entire application.

The conference will take place Thursday, April 29 - Friday, April 30, 2021.

All proposals must be received no later than Friday, July 17, 2020 for full consideration of the Conference Committee. Feeding Matters receives more proposals than can be accommodated. Due to space and balance in programming, proposals are not guaranteed for selection and are subject to approval. 

Please direct all application questions to:
Jen Lambert
Senior Program Manager, Feeding Matters
623.242.5234 ext. 311
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Speaker Requirements

Session Details
Sessions are a maximum of 75 minutes in length and will need to include a 5 minute introduction with a disclosure slide, 50-55 minute presentation and 15-20 minutes for attendees to ask questions.

Speaker Availability Details
All presenters will need to schedule a 90 minute pre-recording session with the webcast provider and Feeding Matters during the months of January and February 2021. Your flexibility allows us to schedule the most balanced program addressing the needs of our attendees. If you are unable to do so, please let us know when you submit your proposal. 

You will also need to be available for 90 minutes on your live day to answer any questions that come through during your session and to do an audio check.

Audio/Visual Requirements
Audio Only and Slides
We will use your phone line for audio, so please make sure you have a good headset or handheld receiver you can use. 
  • Speakerphones are discouraged, as they add noise to the presentations audio. 
  • Consumer VoIP services/"soft dialers" like Skype, Vonage, Google Talk, etc are highly discouraged, as they will split your bandwidth and are likely to cause digital noise. 
Webcam and Slides
Each computer that is logging in to the STUDIO Console as either a speaker or a support staffer should meet the following requirements to ensure proper connectivity. 
  • Have a Hard-Wired Internet Connection: Turn off wireless access on the computer to ensure the computer is using the hardwired connection. 
  • Pass the STUDIO System Test: Staffers must pass the WebSocket and WebRTC tests, while speakers using Webcam or a microphone should also pass the Microphone and Camera Tests. STUDIO System Test
  • Speakers should confirm that the network in the location they will be presenting from has enough available bandwidth for a rich media webcast. A Minimum of 450 kbps "up" is necessary for delivering a webcast. The webcast provider recommends a connection of 750 kbps or higher. 
  • Test your webcam and ensure it is working. 
  • We recommend that you do not use the internal microphone on your computer, use an external USB microphone. We recommend you use headphones. 
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Proposed Session Information

Neonatal Infant/Toddler Preschool School Age Adolescent
Physicians Healthcare Professionals Families Community Members
Medical Nutrition Skill Psychosocial
Introductory Intermediate Advanced

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