2019 Equest Client Annual Survey

Thank you so much for participating in our annual Client Survey.  We want to hear from you!  In fact, it is vital that we receive your feedback because:

1.      It helps us evaluate and improve our program to ensure we are offering the best possible equine facilitated therapies and programs.

2.      All our grant proposals must include outcomes and measures. Our client survey provides information that we can use in the proposals to secure funding and become financially sustainable.  

This survey is completely anonymous  

After you have filled out the survey, e-mail Amanda that you have completed it and we will put your name in the pot for a drawing for a $100 Target Gift Card!  Even better,  stop by Amanda and Amy’s office to grab a treat or trinket, and add your name to the pot to enter the drawing at that time.



Rate your satisfaction with Equest on the following categories.

Rate your satisfaction with the class(es) that you/your family member attend(s):

Rate your satisfaction with your/your family member's instructor/therapist on the following:



Equest greatly appreciates your feedback! If you would like to leave additional comments, ideas or testimonials, please use this space. To be recognized for your testimonial or to have someone contact you regarding a comment, please leave your name and contact information. 


Equest personally thanks you for the time you have invested into completing our survey. You rock!