(2020) Computer Science Institute Teacher Agreement

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This Agreement is between Silicon Valley Education Foundation (“SVEF”), with its principal place of business at 1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95126, and

Employee Information

Program Schedule
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1.01. This agreement is effective from the date of signature through August 29, 2020 for services provided in SVEF's Computer Science Institute.

1.02. If the target class size (20-30 students) is not maintained, the class may be subject to cancellation.

Specific Services
2.01. SVEF's Computer Science Institute requires specific skills that the SVEF staff cannot provide.  The teacher represents that they are proficient in CS at the level necessary to teach Computer Science Institute and have the requisite skills to assist middle or high school students in design and computational thinking concepts.  With these skills, the employee will function as a classroom teacher during the program dates specified by the district.

Non-Negotiable Items

2.02. All items in the following list must be completed during the program. The employee must complete and return the Program Completion Checklist to receive payment for services. Not completing any of these items may result in a deduction in pay.
  • Must administer pre/post assessments and surveys to all students, even if they are not present on first and/or last day
  • Must take teacher survey
  • Must have materials prepared prior to 1st day of class
  • Ensure all students are enrolled through CSI online enrollment system
  • Assist in collecting missing data:
    • Parent Emails
    • Student State IDs
  • Must take daily attendance
  • Must attend Professional Development and all PLC sessions
  • Must provide at least 75 hours (middle school), 125 hours (high school), 21 hours (SLI) of instruction to the students during the summer

Status of Employee

2.03. Employment offered pursuant to this Agreement is offered on a part-time, seasonal basis. Therefore, Employee is not entitled to benefits such as disability, insurance, medical/dental/vision coverage, retirement, or any other full-time employee benefits.

Payment of Income Taxes

2.04. Employee is responsible for paying all applicable taxes, including income taxes and estimated taxes, incurred as a result of any of the compensation paid by SVEF to employee for services under this agreement.  Employee agrees to indemnify and hold SVEF harmless for any claims, costs, losses, fees, penalties, interest, or damages (including all attorneys fees and costs) suffered by SVEF resulting from employee's failure to comply with this provision.


SVEF or the school district shall compensate Employee by payment of a fixed amount (as specified below in this Section 3.01).  SVEF will deduct federal and state income taxes, social security, Medicare, California SLI, and any other employee mandated federal or state taxes before compensation is paid to Employee.

3.02. A signing bonus will be awarded for any Employee who applies or signs this agreement prior to January 12th, 2020 (Deadline may be changed as seen fit by SVEF and communicated via email).
3.04. Pay may be deducted for not fully completing any items on the Program Completion Checklist.

4.01. The Program Director may terminate this agreement at any time on his/her sole discretion and without cause.

5.01. Any notices required to be given under this agreement by either party to the other may be affected by personal delivery in writing or by mail, registered or certified, postage prepaid with return receipt requested to the address listed as the parties' principle place of business.

Entire Agreement of the Parties
5.02. This agreement supersedes any and all agreements, either oral or written, between the parties with respect to the rendering of services by the employees for SVEF and contains all of the representations, covenants, and agreements between the parties with respect to the rendering of those services.  Any modification of this agreement will be effective only if it is in a writing signed by the party to be charged.

5.03. If any provision of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining in provisions will continue in full force and effect without being impaired or invalidated in any way.

5.04. Any controversy between the parties to this agreement involving the construction or application of the terms, covenants, or conditions of this agreement will on the written request of one party served on the other, by submitted to arbitration.  The arbitration will comply with and be governed by provisions of the California Arbitration Act, Section 1280 through 1294.2 of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

Governing Law
5.05. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.  Venue for any action or arbitration will be in the County of Santa Clara.