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PelotonU - Director of Advising and Growth

PelotonU is an innovative social enterprise tackling the college completion crisis for working adults. In short, students who would benefit most from a college degree have the hardest time graduating. That gets even harder when life’s full with work and family - these folks have a 16% chance, at best, of earning a bachelor’s. For these same students, we built a path that offers an 80% chance of graduating. 

We’ve learned how to serve these students, but they’re tough to find. While there’s over 250,000 folks in Central Texas who started college and haven’t graduated, they aren’t necessarily looking to go back. Only referrals from trusted sources have convinced prospective students that it’s not too late and PelotonU can help them reach their academic goals.

In 2019, we exceeded our enrollment goal for the first time in our history; we enrolled 89 students, compared to the 40-45 students annually in years prior. In 2020, we want to recruit 120, growing to 150 in 2021 and beyond. All we know for sure is that this means we need to double-down on partnerships in Austin - be they local employers and non-profits, or friends of the program and current students. Your challenge has three key components: find new partners, make current partnerships more effective, and manage a team to help the right students join us.

You are a leader who excels when given full autonomy and a complex challenge to solve. Given the right puzzle, you think about it in the shower and in traffic - in fact, while you read this, you’re already thinking about new strategies PelotonU could pursue to find prospective students this year. If that’s you, here’s the details: