Project Timeline and Execution 

Please use this section to lay out any of the specific milestone dates associated with your project. We understand that each project is different, and that timelines may need to change. However, we ask that you do your best to fill out each section, and if there is a question that does not apply to your project you may leave it blank.

Project Budget

Please list all items and/or services you will need for your project, as well as their anticipated quantities and costs.* If you are receiving items through donation, you can add those in here with a cost of $0. Use the "Add another response" button to add as many additional line items as you need. Don't forget to include any applicable taxes and delivery fees.

If you prefer to upload an alternate budget form, scroll to the bottom of the page and upload your file.  

*When entering in cost values on this form, please omit the dollar sign ($). 


Contact Information

Please fill out the contact information below for everyone involved in the core planning group
 of your project. Your group must consist of three or more people. You can use the "Add another response" button to add additional group members to the form. Please note that everyone listed on this form will be expected to sign the Grant Acceptance Agreement if the project is approved. 
Core Planning Group Member 1

Core Planning Group Member 2

Core Planning Group Member 3

Optional: Uploading Additional Files

You have the option of attaching additional files to your application if you feel that your project requires further explanation or if you would like to share more information with us. Examples may include posters, flyers, invoices, or screenshots of specific items related to your project.

You may use the "Add another response" button to add as many files as you need. Please note that this is not required to submit an application.