2020 Gender Spectrum Online Professionals' Symposium Workshop Proposal

Request for Proposals Overview

Due to the extraordinary circumstances related to COVID19, the 2020 Gender Spectrum Professionals' Symposium will now take place online. While we are saddened that we will be unable to meet together as a community in person, we are excited by the potential of an online experience and the many benefits it offers attendees and presenters alike. The event will still take place as originally scheduled on July 17, 2020.

The Gender Spectrum Professionals' Symposium would not be possible were it not for the amazing collection of presenters who facilitate our workshops. We are tremendously honored by your willingness to share your experience and expertise with our community. We also hope you will find being part of the event to be an experience where you can bring your full self as an attendee and learner; accordingly, we have eliminated registration fees for our presenters at this year's event.


We also recognize that developing and facilitating a workshop that builds on your professional and lived experience contributes greatly to a body of practice, and that marginalized individuals are frequently asked to do so without compensation. This is especially the case in instances where individuals lack institutional support for sharing their knowledge. We believe this practice is part of a larger system of oppression that undervalues various non-majority identities while simultaneously benefitting from and/or exploiting their lived experiences. We affirm that hearing and learning from a diverse range of perspectives and lived experiences is critical to more fully understanding the complexity of gender. 

For this reason, we are offering Presenter Honoraria to individuals lacking institutional support to share their expertise. While we have limited funding that cannot fully compensate them for their contributions to the Symposium, we are committed to at least acknowledging in this modest way our presenters' efforts, knowledge and commitment. Individuals whose proposal(s) are accepted for this year's program will get more information about these when we notify you about your workshop(s).

All proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on Monday April 27, 2020. We will contact you in mid-May with information about the status of your proposal. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us at workshops@genderspectrum.org. Thank you again for your interest in being part of this year’s program.

Lead Presenter Details

This person will be the primary contact for all workshop and Professionals' Symposium communication.

Workshop Details

Workshops will be 60 - 75 minutes long, and should be designed to engage participants as well as provide time for questions and/or discussion. Given the online platform, proposals should be mindful of ways to leverage the online space to increase engagement. This could be through utilizing in-session polling or other interactive tools, using documents to accompany the session, facilitating various chat and breakout functions, etc. In the past, we have found potential presenters trying to include more content than can be comfortably covered in the amount of time given. This will be even more likely in an online setting. Please develop your workshop proposal with this in mind--oftentimes, less really is more!

There are a number of approaches you might consider for structuring your session. One possibility is to present the session much as you might an in-person presentation, speaking directly to attendees, showing slides or other information graphically by sharing your screen, and providing time for Q&A. 

Another option might be to pre-record your comments or use an already produced presentation or piece of media (such as a short film, slide set, audio file, etc.)  and then follow it up with a general Q&A and discussion. Your workshop attendees would then be able to view/listen to the recorded content for the first part of the session, after which you could join them for the follow-up conversation or activities.

Other possibilities include moderating a panel, utilizing social media, or other content creation/delivery methods, facilitating an online "tour" or experience...really anything you might imagine! What our workshop committee will look for is how well your session design supports reaching your objectives, your comfort level with the approach you're planning to use, and the degree to which you are looking to fully engage your audience.

Finally, one other aspect of your session's proposal that we will consider is the ways in which the proposed topic will seek to authentically include the range of lived experience of all members of our diverse society. Please let us know how your workshop content will acknowledge and represent diverse families and communities, considering the intersections of gender, race, economic status, immigration status, religion and sexual orientation, to name a few. We will all benefit from workshop topics that broaden our understanding and appreciation of experiences other than our own. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

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