"LGBTQ+ Youth and Sexual Assault"

Master Class with Shamus Khan

Application Deadline: June 1
Reference Deadline: June 4

General criteria:

· Any pre-K-12 teacher in a public, charter, private, or religious school in the New York City metropolitan area is welcome to apply.

· At least three years of experience is preferred.

· All applicants are asked to provide contact information for someone who knows their work well and can answer a few brief questions about their qualifications.

Tips for writing a successful application:

· Applications are scored on three criteria: passion for your subject, creativity in your classroom, and devotion to your students.

· The more detail you provide, the better. Give specific examples that show why you should be selected for this particular class.

 Please do not use autofill on this form.

Teaching Information

School Information

If you are selected for this class, you and your principal will receive an email announcing your acceptance. Please apply even if you are concerned your school can't afford tuition.
Scholarships are available.

Master Class Application

Reference Information
Please provide the name and email address of someone who will serve as your reference and answer a few brief questions about your qualifications.

Double-check this. If you provide an incorrect address, we won't be able to reach your reference.