The Provost Scholarship

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Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

Eligibility for the Provost Scholarship is based on a student's participation in Next Level Scholars, merit and financial need. 

In order to be eligible, a student must:

  • Have participated in Next Level Scholars sophomore, junior and senior year of high school;
  • Have earned a minimum high school GPA of 2.0;
  • Are planning on enrolling in post-secondary full time after high school graduation;
  • Fully complete all of the scholarship application materials accurately.

Scholarship awards are varied by student need, with an anticipated maximum award of $5,000 per year, up to 4 years ($20,000 maximum), and will be applied to the student's cost of attendance.

If you are not awarded the Provost Scholarship, you will still receive the $4,000 Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Scholarship.
Personal Information

List each activity and how long you've been involved in the activity

Job; Role; Hours Worked; Duration of role (in months or years)

Work Experience - 1

Number of months and/or years
Work Experience - 2

Number of months and/or years
Work Experience - 3

Number of months and/or years
Work Experience - 4

Number of months and/or years
Work Experience - 5

Number of months and/or years
Academic Information

Showing how much you have been awarded, and how much you have left to pay out of pocket.

Essay Questions

150 word minimum

150 word minimum
Applicant Recommendation
Your recommender should not be a family member or a friend. Enter a trusted adult, teacher, counselor, etc. Please note that this cannot be a family member. If you submit a family member as your recommender, we will ask you to re-do your application.

Upon submission of your application, the recommender you enter will be sent an email with a link to complete their recommendation. If your recommender does not submit their recommendation by the application deadline, you will not be considered for the scholarship.


Should I be awarded the Provost Scholarship:
  • I understand that I must complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible for the Provost Scholarship, and that my SAI (Student Aid Index) will be collected.
  • I understand that I must complete the Award Agreement prior to September 1, 2024 to claim my scholarship, and that my scholarship award will be sent to my post-secondary institution to be used for tuition, books, fees and other educational expenses. 
  • I understand that this scholarship cannot be used for room/board.
  • I agree to permit Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars to confer with my post-secondary institution to verify my enrollment during the term of my award(s).
  • I understand that I am eligible for a maximum of $5,000 per year, and subject to change pending my financial aid package and approval from Dollars for Scholars.
  • I understand that I must claim my scholarship funds in consecutive years, and will not take time off between semesters. 
  • I understand that if I am selected to receive the Provost Scholarship, I will not receive the $4,000 Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Scholarship.
  • I will remain in good academic standing at my post-secondary institution.
  • I will participate in wrap around supports provided to me by Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars.
Your signature below signifies that you understand and agree to the conditions outlined above and that you are fully aware that continued scholarship eligibility depends on compliance with these conditions.

The Provost Scholarship - Applicant Recommendation