Flying Arts Annual General Meeting - Voting and Proxy Submissions

Welcome to Flying Arts Alliance Annual General Meeting online Voting and Proxy Form. This form is active until 5pm Thursday the 21st April at which time the form will close and proxies will be finalised.

You are given the option to provide your proxy to another member of Flying Arts or the members representative Ben Turnbull. If you have any questions regarding this process or need assistance with this form please contact Flying Arts Membership Lead at

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AGM Proxy

Resolutions to Motion during 2021 Annual General Meeting
Resolutions to Motion during 2022 AGM

7.    Adopt the tabled reports and statements
That the annual report, Auditor's Report and Income an Expenditure Statements be accepted.

9.    Appointment of Auditor
Appointment of the auditor for 2022.

Appointment of auditor
Brian Tucker Audit be appointed as the auditor of the Association.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, if you have any questions about the Annual General meeting please visit or email