2020 WCV Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) ensures Washington’s decision makers keep our environment protected, healthy, and vibrant. Over the last four decades, we have elected environmental champions, held our elected leaders in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of state and local government to the highest standard, and built statewide momentum for environmental campaigns through innovative voter outreach efforts and community organizing. Through our work, WCV is committed to making sure all people in Washington state have a healthy environment and a strong, sustainable economy.

Additionally, WCV is committed to dismantling systemic racism and advancing racial equity and environmental justice in all that we do. We work with the understanding that the same beliefs, practices, and systems that create and perpetuate interpersonal and institutional racism, also create and perpetuate environmental destruction. Solving one cannot be done without solving the other. There is no environmental justice without racial justice and economic justice.

About this questionnaire: WCV thanks you for taking time out of your busy campaign schedule to complete this questionnaire. Your responses will be an important factor in our endorsement consideration. Your answers to this questionnaire are private and will not be shared publicly, unless noted in the question. No one answer will guarantee an endorsement; all answers will be weighed into our decision making process.

Instructions: Please fill out the questionnaire completely. If we do not receive a timely submission, we may not be able to consider you for a WCV endorsement.  Please contact endorsements@wcvoters.org with any questions.
Candidate Information

Campaign Information

Your experience

If you are running for this office for the first time please attach a copy of your resume or a list of your professional and civic experience that provides an understanding of your qualifications to service as an elected official.  

The issues below affect all of our communities. Please write one to two paragraphs in response to the question and include specific efforts you will undertake to address these issues. 
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Today, there are growing threats that we have never seen in our state. Our salmon runs are down 90%. We lose 800 acres of vital habitat and forest around Puget Sound every single year. And the climate crisis continues to threaten families across the state with drought conditions, deadlier forest fires, and pollution that harms our health. Whether you are black, white, indigenous, Asian, or Latino, we all face the impacts of this crisis together. 

The decisions we make over the next few years will set the future course for our state.  There is no time to waste. We need state leaders who are committed to bold action, because that is what it will take to build a sustainable for the next generation of Washingtonians.

The issues below affect everyone. Please write about the following issues facing our environment, and what specific efforts you will undertake to address these issues.

Act On Climate

Clean Water and Healthy Forests

Environmental Justice and Public Health

Hold Corporate Polluters Accountable

Who is your campaign team?