Living Allowance Increase Request Form

OneStar Foundation
Programs seeking to increase member living allowance after the members have started service must submit the following form for review by OneStar and await approval from their Grants Officer.

Programs should have a proposed modified pay schedule that demonstrates the increase.  There is a place at the end of the form to include the proposed modified living allowance pay schedule as an attachment.

ยง2522.245 How are living allowances disbursed? A living allowance is not a wage and programs may not pay living allowances on an hourly basis. Programs must distribute the living allowance at regular intervals and in regular increments, and may increase living allowance payments only on the basis of increased living expenses such as food, housing, or transportation.  Living allowance payments may only be made to a participant during the participant's term of service and must cease when the participant concludes the term of service.  Programs may not provide a lump sum payment to a participant who completes the originally agreed upon term of service in a shorter period of time.

Submission of this form is confirmation that ALL members currently serving when the increase is proposed to start will receive the increase, if approved.