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About Advocate
Advocate tries to find free legal help from barristers. 

We can only assist if Legal Aid cannot be obtained and if you cannot afford to pay for legal assistance yourself. For more information about Legal aid go to: Please note that we will ask to see proof of your non-eligibility, Eg. a screenshot or email of the decision. 

We need a minimum of 3 weeks' notice of any hearing date or deadline from the date all information needed is received.

In most cases, we can only help where an individual piece of work will take 3 days or less including preparation time for a barrister. 

Our assistance is not guaranteed, and the conduct of the case remains your responsibility at all times.

Please ensure that you have read through our application process and eligibility criteria before beginning your application. 

Existing Application

Can I apply?

Unfortunately you are not eligible to apply
Based on your answers, Advocate cannot look for a barrister to help with your case at this time. 

This is either because your deadline is too soon, or you are entitled to legal aid. 

If your deadline is in the next three weeks and at your hearing date you could be made homelessness, sent to to prison, be deported or lose access to your children please download a copy of our application form and once complete send it to us by email via the address listed on the application form.  

Please see our Resources page here for details of other organisations that may be able to help you.

Please note that clicking submit will not result in any action.
Existing applicants
If it has been longer than five-working days since you submitted your application to us please get in touch by sending an email to along with your case reference number or application acknowledgement email.
Section 1: Your Details

We will usually contact you by email, so please check your spam folder.

Section 2: Public Funding

You have told us that you are not entitled to legal aid. To make sure, please check using the Legal Aid Calculator here. The Calculator will give you a decision after answering some short questions. 

Section 3: Have you had help before?

Section 4: Courts & Tribunals

Section 5: Details of the other party involved in your legal issue.
To add more than one party please use the 'add another party' button

Details of their solicitor

Section 6: How can we help you?

Section 7: Tell us what happened

This is a very important section. Please include all key dates and details of any past court hearings.
Section 8: Other resources

Section 9:  Important documents
Upload a maximum of 20 key documents. In order of importance, this includes:

Click here to see a full list of the documents you should include, based on the relevant area of law. 

Court / tribunal papers e.g. court orders, judgments and witness statements

Letters or opinions on the case from solicitors, barristers or advisers 

Key correspondence with any other person(s) involved, or their solicitors

If you need help with an appeal, a copy of the judgment being appealed

If you need help with a contract or formal document, a full copy of the      
        contract or document

Section 10: Benefits

Section 11: Monthly income & expenditure
Monthly Income
Please tell us about your monthly household income, entering numbers to the nearest pound (no currency symbols or commas). If you do not receive an income, please type 0 zero in the relevant box. 

This includes your own income and the income of your partner or spouse.

Savings, assets, investments and property

Monthly Outgoings
Please tell us about your total monthly outgoings. Please enter numbers to the nearest pound (no currency symbols or commas). 
If you have a partner or spouse, please enter the total of your combined monthly outgoings.

Outstanding Debts

Our approach to your personal data
You have sent your personal (and possibly sensitive) data to Advocate so that we can assess your case and, if eligible, try to find a volunteer barrister to give you legal help. The legal basis we use for processing your data is your consent.

Processing may include;
• Administration of your application and papers by Advocate staff and volunteers including volunteer barristers, solicitors, other types of lawyers and trustees.
• Your data may be seen by third parties such as advice agencies, voluntary organisations, legal advisers and other technical support organisations who may help Advocate to deliver our services.

Your consent to the above activities may be withdrawn at any time by emailing

Full information about how we process your personal information can be found in our Privacy Notices