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Congratulations on your high school graduation! As a graduating senior, you have the opportunity to join College Forward’s College Success Program. The College Success Program is free for all College Forward students who participate in the College Forward High School Access Program.

When you join the College Success Program, you will be assigned a College Success Coach every academic year. Your College Success Coach will reach out to you regularly by text, phone, email, Facebook, in-person campus visits (if applicable) and more.

Your College Success Coach will provide the following support:
  • Help utilizing on-campus resources
  • Guidance on talking to college advisors, professors, and counselors
  • Support applying for and accepting financial aid
  • Encouragement to set and achieve academic goals
  • Assistance in finding and applying for scholarships and internships
  • Help transferring to institutions (if necessary)
  • Social and emotional support
  • Connections to other College Forward students on campus
As a College Success Student, you will be: 
  • contacted by your Summer coach in June 2020
  • contacted by your 2020-2021 College Success Coach in August/September 2020.

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Mentor Program

The College Forward Mentor Program pairs incoming freshmen with an upperclassman peer mentor from their campus. This mentor’s purpose is to motivate, encourage, and help you with the transition to college life. All College Forward freshmen are eligible to sign up to be a mentee in the Mentor Program and receive support from a mentor.

The Mentor Program is run by College Forward coaches and staff. This committee meets to recruit new members, facilitate Mentor/Mentee pairings, plan training, and troubleshoot any issues. If you are ever uncomfortable talking to your Mentor, don’t hear from your Mentor, or decide you don’t want to be in the program, please reach out to the Mentor Program at

Mentor Program Information
We're excited to have you join the Mentor Program! Please complete the questions below so that we can share this info with your Mentor.

Program Information

Program Agreement
By checking the box below, I would like to participate in College Forward’s College Success Program. By participating, I will receive the following services after I have graduated from High School:
  • Regular online and telephone (text and phone calls) contact from my College Success Coach and from College Forward
  • Ongoing financial aid, academic, and career guidance
  • Invitation to campus visits and social events
In return for the services I will receive as a College Success Program participant, I agree to meet the following expectations:
  • Prioritize my education and make decisions that will allow me to graduate as quickly as possible.
  • Respond to all contact from your assigned Coach.
  • Attend College Forward events, campus visits, and workshops.
I understand that by enrolling in the College Success Program, I will continue the college journey I have begun and will advance through the college phase of my education. I recognize that the College Forward College Success Program is intended to help me succeed and obtain a higher education credential.
Media Release

College Forward presents and publishes information through various media forms, including print publications (i.e., newsletters, pamphlets, local newspapers, etc.) and electronic publications (i.e., slideshows, promotional videos, our website, etc.). The purpose of these publications is to inform participants and their families, schools, and the general public about the program and to showcase the achievements of College Forward students.

College Forward recognizes that when publishing a student’s photograph, quotation or written work, particular attention and responsibility must be given in order to protect student identities. Therefore, College Forward has established the following guidelines for publishing information about students. Please review the guidelines carefully. Student or parent/guardian permission is necessary before a student’s photo, quotation, or work can be published.

  • Photographs and quotations taken during official College Forward activities (program-sponsored community service events, campus visits, and other program events) will be used in print and electronic publications.

  • A student’s first name and last initial may be included with photographs, quotations, or written work.

  • Additional written permission from the student or parent/guardian will be required prior to publication if College Forward chooses to publish a sample of their written work.

By answering "Yes" to the question below, I have read the above guidelines and give College Forward permission to publish my name, photographs, and statements. I also hereby release and discharge College Forward and individuals persons employed/contracted by them to obtain these photographs and testimonies, from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action and suits arising out of or in connection with the use of photographs, quotations, or written works, including any and all claims for libel and invasion of privacy.