Wales Respond Fund

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The Organisation

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In the last accounting year? 

This fund can only support organisations with an income of £500,000 or less.

Staffing and Volunteers

Supporting Documents
We need to see a copy of the Organisations Governing Documents and the accounts for the last financial year to process your application. 

What is your response to the Coronavirus Pandemic?


If you have an annual income of £200,000 or less, then you can apply for £5,000. If your income is between £200,001 & £500,000 you can apply for £10,000.

This can support your organisations core cost or specific items


Please can you confirm the following: 
  • I am authorised to make the application on behalf of the above organisation (I am a member of the management committee or a senior staff member) 
  • I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge 
  • If the information in the application changes in any way I will inform Community Foundation Wales immediately 
  • I give permission for Community Foundation Wales to record the information in this form electronically and to contact my organisation by phone, mail or email with information about its activities and about future funding opportunities
  • The organisation is working safely and adhering to government guidance regarding the virus.
  • I am aware that if I do not include the supporting documents listed within the required time frame (e.g. annual accounts for the last financial year and your organisation’s governing documents), my application will be ineligible. 
  • The organisation has a Safeguarding Policy that is regulary reviewed and updated.