Webinar Recording: Creating Online Spaces for LGBTQ+ Youth  

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We know many people supporting LGBTQ+ youth are having to take precautionary measures related to COVID-19. For many, this is resulting in temporarily closing down in person services. This webinar will be focused on sharing best practices and advice Gender Spectrum has learned over the years in running our Online Groups for trans, non-binary & gender expansive youth, families and professionals. We'll spend the first half hour sharing tips and tricks we've found helpful and the second half as time for Q&A related to your specific questions. The webinar will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live version. 

Some general topics we will be covering include: how and what technology can be used for virtual groups and support, what are the similarities and important differences in online vs in person spaces, what should facilitators/volunteers/staff know to prepare themselves and how do these pieces relate specifically to LGBTQ+ youth. 

Sliding Scale Donation 

Gender Spectrum is committed to providing this information to all who need it! Especially at this moment when so many LGBTQ+ youth, now face additional social isolation brought on by COVID-19. Yet we also need to pay our staff and bills. If you can contribute to help with the cost of this webinar and enable us to continue providing resources like it, please consider a donation to Gender Spectrum.

A suggested sliding scale donation of $5-$100 would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made at 
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