Little Free Library's Sharing-Box Map 

Have you converted your Little Free Library into a sharing box where you offer food, toiletries, or crafts? Fill out the form below to share its location on our new sharing box map. Note: this sharing-box map does not replace the standard Little Free Library world map and is a temporary resource that we will maintain as long as needed.

Please fill out this form once per sharing-box location (e.g. if you want to add three locations, fill out this form three separate times.) You may also fill out this form if you wish to remove an existing sharing-box location from our map.

Thank you for letting us know that you would like to remove a sharing box from the map. Please answer the questions below so that we can identify your sharing box in our records and remove it. 

If your sharing box is normally a little library but you've recently converted it please choose YES above. If your sharing box only ever shares food or nonperishable items, please choose NO above.

Please enter the correct charter number on your Little Free Library.
Steward Information
This information will NOT be made public on the map. It is for Little Free Library's administrative use only.

Sharing Box Location Information

Enter the street address (number and street name) where the sharing box is located. The address you enter here will establish the sharing box's location on our map. Please DO NOT enter "at the intersection of X and Y street." Our map will not be able to use that information to identify the proper location. DO NOT enter city, state or country in this field.

Enter the state where the pantry is located (if applicable.)

Enter the Canadian province where the pantry is located (if applicable.)

Please use the 5-digit zip code.

Enter a province (if applicable.) DO NOT fill in if you are located in the U.S. or Canada.

Enter a nickname, a group or steward's name that will display as the name of this sharing box location on the map. 

If you have special instructions for visitors, please enter them here. WHAT YOU ENTER HERE WILL DISPLAY ON THE MAP. (200 character limit) 

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