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*Performance and workshop listings for the 2020/21 school year are now available to view and book. Please note that as there is still quite a bit of uncertainty around the 2020/21 school year, we don't yet know when or if artists will be able to tour again. We will be accepting booking requests from schools and districts but won't be able to schedule or confirm any tour dates until we have some more clarity and restrictions are lifted.*
  • Confirmation: Once you have submitted your booking request the Booking and Touring team will get back to you with a proposed date. Please CONFIRM the date or let them know if the proposed date does not work.
  • Invoices: You will receive the artist fee and booking fee invoices 3-5 weeks in advance of your performance date. All invoices are sent via email.
  • Artist Confirmation: The artist will send you their confirmation and any supporting materials 1-3 weeks in advance of their performance. We encourage you to share this with your teachers to support learning before, during and after a performance.
  • Monthly Reminders: ArtStarts will send you a final reminder of your performance 3-4 weeks prior to your performance date.
  • Booking Reminder: The booking contact and school/district are responsible for reading through the artist’s info and making sure the content feels suitable for your students. This also includes noting the artist's audience capacity and making sure you are not booking shows with audiences that go over capacity. 
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