Clalit Health Services, HealthIL and 8400 invite you to participate in a joint Corona Challenge competition - focusing on providing protection, sterilized environment and equipment for medical staff.

This is a special opportunity to make an impact in the fight against the CoronaVirus by working with the largest HMO in Israel.

About the Challenge

This challenge aims to match solutions to real-world needs in the fields of viral sterilization and safe working environment for medical staff. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to take a pivotal role in the national effort fighting COVID-19, with the potential to implement your technological solution in relevant health organizations. As part of the competition, key representatives from health organizations and experts from  the field will interact with the selected submissions and guide the participants in the development process and implantation issues. 

For more information about the challenge and the process please check the website HERE

HealthIL is a non-for-profit digital health innovation ecosystem - a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Israel's Ministry of Economy and Digital Israel at the Ministry of Social Equality.

For more information or to contact us directly, feel free to email us at: yoavf@israelinnovation.org.il