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MEAP Energy Security Plan
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Household Information

List everyone who lives in your home, including adults and children temporarily absent due to illness or employment. People are considered members of your household if they sleep and keep their belongings in your home.

Account Holder Information

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Additional Information Needed

*Electric heat sources include solar panels, boilers, radiators, or baseboard heating but DO NOT include space heaters.
Electric (non-heat) Provider Information

Heat Provider Information

Water Provider Information

Waste Provider Information

Self-Sufficiency Plan

Affordable Payment Plan (APP)
The Affordable Payment Plan (APP) is available for customers of DTE Energy, SEMCO Energy and Upper Peninsula Power Company. This 24-month program allows customers to make affordable monthly payments based on household income and household energy consumption. The terms and conditions for these programs can be found as attachments to this document. Your household must be approved through State Emergency Relief before APP enrollment.

Terms and Conditions of this plan are available with an Access Partner or on the SWP website.
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