THEatre ACCELERATOR for NAMT Festival Alumni - Application

Thanks to the generous support of Apples and Oranges Arts and The Shubert Organization, we are pleased to announce a special development opportunity for NAMT Festival Writers and their Festival musical! Starting Monday, May 4, Apples and Oranges Arts will run a THEatre ACCELERATOR cohort open only to our alumni community.

The ACCELERATOR will be a two-week virtual musical development opportunity, culminating with a pitch session to get your show in front of theaters who are looking for new work to develop digitally. Mentors include representatives from Regional Theaters, Broadway and Silicon Valley. A full virtual reading is guaranteed to at least one show in the cohort, and they hope to provide that opportunity to more than one show. The class is limited to eight writing teams.

Applicants must apply with a show that has been featured in the Festival of New Musicals that they are looking to further develop. All writers on the team should be available to participate weekdays from 3-6pm ET from May 4-15. Applications are due by EOD on April 24; NAMT will let all applicants know the status of their application by April 29.


Upon completion of this application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a copy of
the application for your records.
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Only PDF files will be accepted. Please be sure that your script is complete.

Only MP3, M4A and WAV files will be accepted. Please upload as many demo tracks as you have available; use the link to the right to add additional upload fields.