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At the Banfield Foundation, we believe all pets deserve access to veterinary care, shelter and disaster relief. During these uncertain times, we remain committed to supporting pets and the people who love them by providing grant funds to those who need it most. To best support nonprofit, local/state government organizations, and veterinary schools impacted by COVID-19, our COVID-19 Respond and Rebuild Grant program will assist in two phases:


COVID-19 Respond Grants: Effective immediately, we are accepting applications to support organizations as they work to keep pets and their families together. Please review eligibility requirements and application below.


COVID-19 Rebuild Grants: Once immediate COVID-19 impact has subsided, COVID-19 Rebuild Grants will become available beginning June 1, 2020 to assist impacted organizations as they recover and resume normal operations in caring for owned and/or shelter pets. This grant can be used to fund medications, supplies, equipment, or provide support for additional medical teams.


As ever, we are here for you. With any grant-related questions, please email or call us at 360-784-7866.



COVID-19 Respond Grant Overview


Thank you for your interest in applying for a COVID-19 Respond Grant from the Banfield Foundation. This grant supports programs of non-profit organizations, local/state governmental organizations, and veterinary schools that assist vulnerable community members with veterinary care for their pets. By enabling access to veterinary care, your program is helping to keep pets and families together.


Organizations with a veterinary team and on-site veterinary clinic are eligible to apply for up to $10,000 in funding, which can be used for any type of veterinary care in support of low-income or financially strained families. We prioritize our funding for programs that assist income-qualified pet owners, have a maximum award per pet and/or per family, and help companion animals (we do not fund equine/livestock assistance programs).


You are eligible to apply if:

·        You are a 501©3 nonprofit organization, local/state government agency, or veterinary school

·        Your organization has a veterinary team and on-site veterinary clinic

·        You are providing veterinary services to owned pets

·        You are verifying that pet owners qualify financially for your assistance


Please be prepared to upload the following attachments with your application:

·        A narrative explaining the impact your organization has sustained due to the COVID-19 pandemic, goals and activities of your veterinary assistance program, geographic reach, and plan for evaluation of program success

·        Program budget.

·        Organization budget outlining amount of funding you have in reserves.

·        Screening criteria and expense tracking plan.

·        IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter or Letter 4076C for local/state government agencies.

Gap Year Rule

We are suspending our usual gap year rule. Even if we have funded your organization for the past two consecutive years, you are eligible to apply for our COVID-19 Respond and Rebuild Grant.

Review Timeline

We are accepting and awarding applications for the COVID-19 Respond Grant on an ongoing basis, and you can expect to hear back from us about a decision within two weeks. We cannot, unfortunately, support every organization that needs our help. If we are unable to approve your COVID-19 Respond Grant application, we encourage you to apply again at a later date, or check back for our COVID-19 Rebuild Grant which will be available beginning June 1, 2020.


Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, or questions related to grant applications, please don’t hesitate to email us at:   

Primary Contact Person

Secondary Contact

Organization Information

If you are a governmental organization and do not have an EIN, please email for instructions



Program Information

To select multiple states, hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key while clicking each state you wish to select.


Submit a narrative that describes in detail your organization and program. Please copy and paste the following questions and provide your answers directly underneath. Please limit your narrative document to five pages at most:

1.    General information about your organization, various programs, and the impact you have sustained as a result of COVID-19.

2.    How many shelter pets do you provide medical care for yearly? How many owned pets do you provide medical care for yearly?

3.    Estimate the number of pets that you expect to help with the requested funding amount.

4.    Describe the need for your veterinary assistance program in your community.

5.    Describe your on-site veterinary clinic or mobile clinic, including the veterinary team who operates it.

6.    What is the geographic reach of your veterinary assistance program?

7.    Describe the program's goals and activities involved in this request, including how it will keep pets with their families and reduce potential for relinquishment.

8.    Describe your program in detail and include answers to the following questions:

     a.    What type of medical care will you be providing? Emergency care, preventive care, basic veterinary care         or will you be assisting with all types of care?

     b. What is the maximum dollar amount you will provide per pet or per family?

     c. Is the pet owner required to contribute to their pet's care? How much or what percentage?

     d. How do pet owners find out about this program, and how do they apply for assistance?

9.    Describe your plan for evaluating the success of your project.

10.  In your last full year of operation, what percentage of the funds you raised went directly to support programs?

11.  What is your organization’s yearly operating budget, and what amount do you currently have in reserves?

12.  Given your organization has been impacted by COVID-19, will this grant help keep your veterinary teams employed and/or your veterinary clinic in operation? Please explain in a few sentences.  

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your PDF files at a free resource such as
Program Budget

Please attach your veterinary assistance program budget. Note: Funds from this grant must be used for veterinary care expenses for owned pets including exams, diagnostics, procedures, surgeries, medications, vaccinations, preventive care, etc. You cannot use the grant to cover overhead, office expenses, marketing, fundraising, other indirect costs, or to solely fund routine spay and neuter. However, spay and neuter may be included in this request if the procedure is in addition to other veterinary care for a qualifying low-income pet owner.

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
Organization Budget

Please attach your organization’s operational budget for the year, including how much funding you currently have in reserves.

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
Screening Criteria

Attach an in-depth explanation covering how you qualify or screen pet owners for program assistance. Please include the veterinary assistance application form that you provide to applicants if you have one. In your explanation, be sure to include answers to the following questions:


1.     Does your program require photo ID as proof of identity?

2.     Which of the following benefit programs or situations qualify for assistance from your program?

a.     State or federally funded welfare program

b.     Food stamps (SNAP/EBT)

c.     Medicaid 

d.     Social Security

e.     SSI Disability

f.      Unemployment

g.     Non-commissioned active military

h.     Pay stub proving income meets state or federal low-income or WIC guidelines

i.      Extenuating circumstance such as loss of income or job due to COVID-19, extreme medical expenses, loss of home due to natural disaster, bankruptcy, etc. 

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your PDF files at a free resource such as
Expense Tracking

Include a complete description of how you plan to track the funds you spend. You will be required to submit a year-end report describing how you spent the funds, including a detailed expense log. Banfield Foundation can furnish you with an Excel spreadsheet to enable easy tracking of all grant funding expenditures if needed.

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
If you are a governmental organization and not a 501(c)(3) please email for instructions.
Other Attachments

If you have any other attachments that you would like to add (e.g. program brochures, news and PR, other comments, or photos) please attach them below. If you have more than one, please select 'Add another response.'

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as