Pro Bono Support Application Form

The Fore runs a network of individuals who are interested in providing pro bono support to small charities and social enterprises, as well as becoming trustees. We send them an email every week advertising a different organisation seeking their support, as well as advertising requests for skilled volunteers on our website and social media. In the past, network members have helped with business planning, financial modelling, marketing, legal advice and much more.

The questions below are designed to give us an idea about whether we will be able to source support for your organisation. We may ask you for a quick call to discuss what you are looking for in more detail.

The answers you provide to these questions may be shared verbatim with members of the network (this includes your contact name and email, so potential volunteers can contact you), so please write your answers with this in mind. We will also share your request on our website and on our social media, as this will help us find a volunteer to support your organisation.

Please note that we advertise each request for volunteers to our network for a maximum period of 2 months.

Please email if you have any questions.

Please only enter numbers (no £ signs, commas, decimal points or other punctuation)

Please only enter numbers (no £ signs or commas). Decimal points can be used.

Please select no more than three options.

If you are making a request for trustees, please include a URL link to a job description.