Canadian Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Survey

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This survey, conducted by Philanthropic Foundations Canada and project partners, is intended to capture the response of Canadian philanthropic and other grant making organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data collected will be used to produce an interactive mapping tool to enable greater collaboration between Canadian funders. 

Unless otherwise indicated, all answers will be made publicly available.
  • Please choose the most appropriate category/categories when responding to multiple choice questions and provide sufficient detail on open questions.   
  • Given that responses will change rapidly, please enter information that reflects the current state of your response. You will be able to update the information provided at a later date as circumstances change.
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If you have any technical questions or issues relating to the form, please email (Grantbook are the technical partner on the project).
About your organization

About your COVID-19 response

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About your COVID-19 response funding

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About the recipients of your support and funding

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About where your response is targeted 

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About your response priorities and beneficiaries

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Collaboration and peer-learning opportunities

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Sustainability and Recovery

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Publishing and data rights

Anonymous, aggregated results of this survey will be made publicly available by PFC and its project partners (e.g. through data visualizations).