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College Success Program Application
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This application should take about 15 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. Please note:
  • You must complete the application in one sitting. You will lose your progress if you close the window.
  • Please make sure that your answers are honest and complete.
  • Your answers are confidential.
  • You may fill out only ONE application.
The following questions help us to learn more about you. We use the information you give us to improve our program, our materials, and our communication, as well as to tell our partners and donors more about the people we work with. 

The options provided may not fully encompass the way you identify yourself. Please note that you can select "prefer not to say." And in some instances, you can also choose to describe yourself instead of--or in addition to--using the categories provided.

Thank you for helping us learn about you and make our program better. If you have any comments about this application, you can reach us at info@letsgetready.org
You are eligible to apply for this program if you:
  • Will attend one of the schools listed below
  • Graduated/will graduate from high school in 2020
  • Did NOT participate in a Let's Get Ready program in high school, and
  • Read and agree to our participation waiver and media release

If you have participated with Let's Get Ready in high school, you do not need to fill out this application!
Click on the link below to view our standard paperwork that includes a participation waiver and media release. This paperwork is required for participation. Contact info@letsgetready.org if you have any questions about it.


Student Information

Please tell us your Preferred Name if it's different from your Legal Name. We will use your Preferred Name for communicating with you. If you leave this field blank, we'll use your Legal Name.

Student Contact Information
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You must list at least one email address.

High School

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Emergency Contact 

Referral Information

Additional Information
The following questions may strike you as private. We will keep your responses to these questions confidential and only share summary information (without names) with people outside of Let's Get Ready.