LCW 2020 Intern Request for Support

Thank you for your interest in planning a Latino Conservation Week event! We are excited to accept applications to support your event. 

Please note that we have limited funds to support the abundance of applications and will prioritize events with a minimum of 25 participants and coordinated by smaller, grassroots organizations, community-led events, or events that are interested in partnering with a Hispanic Access Foundation intern.

*Please understand that we will do our best to support your event, but we cannot guarantee funding.

Organization/Individual Details
If not representing an organization, please provide your name.
(faith, neighborhood association, etc.)

(city, state)




Event Details

Please note that your event will still need to be submitted through the Latino Conservation Week's event submission form for it to appear in the list of events and the map. The information being provided here is to provide context to your scholarship application.

A PRIVATE EVENT is by invitation only and/or working with a particular group or organization. A PUBLIC EVENT requires no registration and is open to the public. An RSVP event is open to the public, but registration is needed.

Funding Support Request

Hispanic Access Foundation has limited resources to contribute to a select few events. We also encourage you to seek in-kind donations for food, transportation, and other services.

All intern applicants will be notified about the status of their application on a rolling basis.

The following are a list of most common expenses.  If you are requesting funding please provide detail about the cost from the vendor(s). 

(If you rent a vehicle you must rent it in the name of the driver with their credit card. This would have to be reimbursed after the rental occurs.)