COVID-19 Emergency Fund Application Form

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Terms and Conditions
  • Grants will provide capital funding to groups that are directly involved in the Community Call response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • The information supplied by the applicant group /organisation must be accurate and complete.  
  • Misinformation may lead to disqualification and/or the repayment of any grant made. All information provided in respect of the application for a grant will be held electronically. The Department reserves the right to publish a list of all grants awarded on its website.
  • The Freedom of Information Act applies to all records held by the Department and Local Authorities.
  • The application must be signed by the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer of the organisation making the submission.
  • It is the responsibility of each organisation to ensure that it has proper procedures and policies in place including appropriate insurance where relevant.
  • Applications must be on the 2020 application form for the COVID-19 emergency fund.
  • Evidence of expenditure, receipts/invoices must be retained and provided to the Local Authority or their representative if requested.
  • Grant monies must be expended and drawn down from the Local Authority by end of year 2020. Photographic evidence may be required to facilitate draw down of grants.
  • The Department’s contribution must be publicly acknowledged in all materials associated with the purpose of the grant.
  • Generally no third party or intermediary applications will be considered.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Breaches of the terms and conditions of the grants scheme may result in sanctions including disbarment from future grant applications.
  • Please ensure the application form is completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.
  • In order to process your application it may be necessary for South Dublin County Council to collect personal data from you. Such information will be processed in line with the Local Authority’s privacy statement which is available to view on the South Dublin County Council Website.

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1. Group Details

Please check email correspondence from to confirm your PPN number.  Your group must be registered with South Dublin PPN and be based in the South Dublin County Council area to apply for funding.

2. Contact Details

Please supply details of an alternate contact, if available

Please note : These contact details will be used for all communication regarding this application

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3. Project Details

Project refers to activity ie. meals on wheels, personal shopping,
3.3 What will the funding be used for? *
4.  Financial Information

It is intended that the majority of the funding that is allocated  will be ring-fenced for grants of €1,000 or less. Application in excess of €1,000, will be considered at the discretion South Dublin County Council

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5. Declaration
  • I declare that the information given in this form is correct.
  • I confirm I have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of the Programme 
  • I confirm that I have read the Guidelines prior to completing this form.
  • I confirm that this grant application is submitted in acceptance of and compliance with the Terms and Conditions.
  • I confirm that the applicant group/organisation does not have the funding to undertake the work/project without this grant aid or alternatively that the grant will facilitate more work which they would otherwise be unable to afford. 
  • I confirm that the applicant group/organisation is tax compliant (if tax registered).

Declarer is the person authorised by his/her group to submit this application

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit this application.