Application Form - Virtual Arts Immersion Camp

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Thanks for your interest in the Virtual Immersion Camp 2020!

Please complete one form for EACH STUDENT applying for the Arts Immersion Camp. The dates for the program are: Saturday May 30th, Saturday June 6th, and Saturday June 13th. This  brand new multi-performing arts experience is being presented by Girl Be Heard and Willie Mae Rock Camp. 

This is the ultimate intro to theatre and music where youth come together to create, jam, and explore the themes of immigration and migration in a virtual arts experience. 

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Emergency Contact Information

This section should be completed by the prospective student.

The final portion of this form contains two artistic questions and a simple artistic activity which will be used to assess your artistic skills and interests in the virtual camp. There are two options for the activity below:
  • I Am Poem 
    • Please finish the sentences below in the attached photo. There is no "wrong way" to do this. You can finish each line in one word, or continue the sentences on. 
    • I Am Poem Template
  • Object Writing Task
    • Write a short piece (5-8 lines) about someone moving from their home to a new place. *The only rule is that you must include the sense of sight and a flag. Everything else is completely up to your imagination. It could be a short story, poem, play, script, etc, whatever you would like. Please upload your response below.
      • Sense: Sight
      • Object: Flag

Thank You 

Thank you for completing the Virtual Arts Immersion Camp Enrollment Form. We will let you know of your admittance the week of May 20, 2020 via email. While you wait on news, please check out the Girl Be Heard webpage and the Willie Mae Rock Camp webpage for current updates. See you soon!

- The Virtual Arts Immersion Team