Black Voters Matter 2023 Grant Application

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BVM Grant Application Guidelines and FAQ's
Note: All information in this section should be related to your organization, not the fiscal sponsor.
Section 1 - Organizational Info
All info in this section should only be related to your organization, not the fiscal sponsor.

Note: If you are selecting an "Invitation Only" category, please get pre-approval from your State Organizing Manager. If it is not pre-approved, your grant application may be delayed or denied.

Section 2 - Primary Contact

Section 3 - Organization Work
Please enter the PRIMARY location in which your work will take place for this grant.

Section 4 - Payment Information

Section 5 - Organization Social Media Information (if applicable)

Section 6 - Fiscal Sponsor Information - Fields Populated from Our Record or Defaults to N/A: Contact Us to Revise

Section 7 - Project Information

Your answer in the "Project Description" box above should include the following information:
1. Background on your organization and brief description of previous experience implementing activities like what you are currently proposing
2. The proposed use of grant proceeds, including General Operating Support, if that is the request 
3.  Any other background you would like to share in the proposal 

If the Project Description box does not provide enough space for you to describe your activities, you can upload your narrative proposal as a .docx or PDF file, using the "Choose File" button below.  

Please attach only the project narrative using the Proposal Submission link.
If you have other documents you would like to share, you can attach those in the "Additional Documents" section below.

Sample line items include; canvassing, textbanking, advertising (radio, local newspapers, etc), special events (town hall, block party, etc). rides to polls (gas money, church stipend, etc), mutual aid/emergency relief, etc.
Section 8 - GOTV/VR Information

NOTE: Due to coronavirus, BVM will NOT be providing support for door-to-door canvassing at this time.

Please note that during the coronavirus crisis, some usual voter outreach activities will not be possible and feel free to include ideas for virtual organizing, such as virtual town halls.

# of families/individuals supported:
# of doors knocked/conversations:
# of phone calls:
# of churches visited:
# of community members exposed to sign waiving:
# of rides to the polls:
# of volunteers recruited:
Section 9 - Additional Documents
Be sure to include additional documents such as your 501c3 Designation Letter and any recent audit or financial statements, as well as other applicable background information.

If using fiscal agent, please attach agent's banking information.

Click to Submit only after you have completed all fields and uploaded all files. Do not click to Submit more than once, as this will generate multiple applications.