Off-Campus Approval 2022-2023 

HIU is a residential community and expects every student to live on campus unless he/she lives at home with parents, is married, is at least 22 years of age, or has served in the military. Any student violating the “living on campus parameters” is jeopardizing his/her academic or athletic scholarship. The university reserves the right to declare the scholarship null and void for a violation.

Student Information

Off Campus Approval Request


I believe I am eligible to live off campus due to the following reason: 

Verification of Residency with Parent/Guardian
Students who are requesting to live with their parents or legal guardians must complete this section of the form. Students requesting to live with another family member (i.e. grandparents, aunt/uncle, etc.) who is not their legal guardian must complete this form and attach a written explanation explaining the circumstances. Submitting this form does not automatically qualify for an exemption. You will be notified of approval/denial from the Housing Office.

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement
Please read the following statements. 

Please read the following statements. Please sign and date at the end of the form and turn it in to the Student Life & Housing Office.

Meal Plans
Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan, but are able to choose from any of our available meal plans listed below: 

Additional Meal Plan Information (click here)

Please indicate if you want a HIU parking pass. Any student bringing a car onto campus will need a parking pass in order to park in any of our HIU lots. If you indicate you would like a parking pass, you will receive an additional form to fill out before receiving your parking pass. Contact Jamie Schollenbruch,, if you have any additional questions regarding parking.

Community Standard Agreement
All traditional undergraduate students of HIU are required to sign this Community Standard Agreement. By signing this agreement, students commit to pursuing the challenge of living a life defined by a higher standard and dedicated to biblical principles that reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

I affirm that all the information is correct. I understand that knowingly making false statement and/or presenting false information to a university official is a direct violation of HIU’s Student Handbook and disciplinary action will be taken. By signing and submitting this form, I acknowledge that I understand the on-campus housing expectation and attest that the statements and any information which I provide are true and accurate.

Student Handbook (*please note subject to change once the 2022-2023 one is released)