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This section explains the financial costs of attending this school. Please note that all fees are payable in British Pounds ONLY.


Lecture and Outreach:

Our costs covers amongst other things, all food & accommodation, trainee registration with the University of the Nations, special events, training costs, speaker expenses, ministry costs and local travel costs during lecture phase and all ground fees for outreach. Outreach travel which varies greatly in price depending on the outreach location. We may use buses, trains, boats or airplanes to get to our outreach locations. Our Outreach Visa cost varies depending on your nationality and the outreach location. Our Outreach Vaccination cost will vary depending on the outreach locations and what vaccinations you already have. It is usually cheaper and easier to obtain the recommended vaccinations in your home country - see the vaccination form below.

Due Dates for Payment:

1. Due with Application: Registration fee £35 (Non-Refundable) this covers all application admin fees.

2. 1st. week of Lecture Phase
The full amount for the lecture phase is due on the start date of the School that you will be attending.

3. Week 4
Outreach fee, Airfares & Visa Fees become payable as soon tickets to your outreach location are ready to be purchased.

4. Full payment of all fees is required to be able to graduate from the School.


If you do not have the resources from which to pay your fees in full upon arrival you MUST discuss this with the school leader once you have been accepted at the earliest opportunity BEFORE coming to the school. Trainees who have not done this and who arrive here without all their fees will not be admitted into the School and will have to return home immediately.



This is a guide for the time period and relevant amount of refund if you leave the school before it is finished.

Prior to the first class session: 100% During the fourth week of classes: 60%
During the first week of classes: 95% During the fifth week of classes: 50%
During the second week of classes: 85% Beyond the fifth week of classes: 0%
During the third week of classes: 70%

Amount needs to be in GBP (£)

Amount needs to be in GBP (£)

Amount needs to be in GBP (£)


Criminal Offences



I have completed all portions of this application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge, and if accepted by Youth With A Mission Limited, I will, under God, abide by the spirit, authority and schedule of the programme.

I understand that the Discipleship Training School consists of both the lecture phase and the field placement phase, and that by completing this application, I am making a commitment to both phases of the school.

I confirm that I have read the Financial Policy Sheet and understand that payment of my school fees must be made upon or before my arrival at the school (unless prior arrangements have been made). I therefore undertake to pay all personal expenses during my involvement with YWAM.

Youth With A Mission Limited reserves the right to terminate my involvement with them, if I am found to have misled YWAM in any way or if my conduct is prejudicial to the good running of the school or to the reputation of YWAM. I have read this form and accept the terms set out in it.

In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998), the information provided on my application form will be held securely, confidentially and will not be kept for longer than is necessary to achieve the stated purposes of recruitment, selection, supplementary personal details and statistics, or that required by law or our insurance company.

I agree to comply with all aspects of national and local law


Though every effort is made to provide a safe environment, Youth With A Mission Limited, their agents, employees and volunteer assistants are insured against loss or injury caused by the negligence of Youth With A Mission Limited.

Accordingly in the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by Youth With A Mission Limited, participation in a Youth With A Mission Limited organised programme, event or outreach is entirely at the participant's own risk. All participants are required to have adequate medical insurance for all phases of their involvement with Youth With A Mission Limited, including repatriation for serious illness and in the case of death.


· If needed, I consent to a criminal records check if appointed to the position for which I have applied. I am aware that details of pending prosecutions, previous convictions, cautions, or bindovers against me may be disclosed along with any other relevant information, which may be known to the police.

· If needed, I understand that, if I am a UK resident, a check will be made with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and that it is an offence for any person to commence Regulated Activity without first providing a valid DBS Disclosure. If I am an overseas resident, I understand that I will need to provide a police check from my home nation if the position I am appointed to requires it.

· I agree to inform the person within the YWAM base/team responsible for processing applications for Disclosure and Barring Service checks if I am convicted of an offence after I take up any post within YWAM England. I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training association with YWAM.

· I agree to inform the person within YWAM responsible for processing applications for the Disclosure and Barring Service if I become the subject of a police and/or a social services/(Children’s Social care or Adult Social Services)/social work department investigation.

· I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training and association with YWAM.

Additional Medical Information


  • Please complete all sections of this reference.
  • If you need more space to answer a question, please use a separate blank document or send us an email to saying PERSONAL HEALTH DISCLOSURE EXTRA INFORMATION
  • Husbands and wives must supply separate medical references
  • We reserve the right to ask you to have a medical reference completed by a medical doctor (or psychiatrist if appropriate), depending on the advice of our Medical Officer
give permission for medical information to be reviewed by YWAM's medical office (ie registered nurse, medical doctor, psychiatrist or suitably qualified allied health professional) for purposes of assessing my suitability for service with Youth With A Mission. 
I give permission for the release of relevant medical information to the Youth With A Mission Medical Officer in consultation, if necessary, with the school leader only.



Have you ever had or been treated for any of the following?
Yes No

List all the SERIOUS ILLNESS and OPERATIONS you have had in the past. (This means any illness requiring hospital admission, treatment from your doctor for an illness lasting more than one month, or any illness that may have an affect on your health both now and in the future) Please also state the outcome and whether there are any residual problems.

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Have you experienced any of the following:
Yes No

Disclosing information in this section does not necessarily preclude you from acceptance. These questions are to help us assess whether YWAMs lifestyle is suitable for you at the present moment.



If these are not available in your country, we will require you to have them within one month of arrival, at your own expense. (This form is not complete until this section has been answered)

Due to our close living conditions, we require all staff and trainees to be up to date with their vaccinations including:

(we require booster within last 10 years, especially if travelling to developing nations)



Please try and select people that have known you for at least two years and please don't choose close family members.

Church Minister or Leader Confidential Reference

Teacher/Employer Confidential Reference
If you are currently in YWAM Harpenden, your reference should be your school leader/staff or line leader. 

Mature Christian Friend Reference

Review and Submit

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