Support your Teachers during the Pandemic - Maintaining communication, collaboration, and strong community for your stafffor your staff

A 2-part seminar series

May 18 & May 26, 2020 

1:00 - 2:30 pm (EST)


with Jeffrey Benson Jeffrey Benson

Do you know how your teachers are navigating their responsibilities in this new context?

Do your teachers have clarity about the expectations and guidelines that have been established?

What systems of support will help sustain the professional community when you are unable to convene and communicate in the ways you are accustomed?

This 2-part (90 minutes per session) interactive on-line seminar will provide tools for school leaders to support their teachers at home, with significant time for sharing resources and strategies with peers. In order to maximize the sharing of the expertise and experiences of participants, enrollment will be limited to 16 school leaders. 

The seminar will focus on three areas:  

1.    effective ways to assess how your teachers are managing the stress of their responsibilities in this totally new context;

2.    setting flexible and clear guidelines for what you ask of your teachers regarding curriculum and instruction;

3.    developing systems of support that sustain the professional community when you cannot be physically together in the school.

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