Youth Endowment Fund – COVID-19 Funding Round

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Information about this funding round
Social distancing and stay at home measures have seen access to schools restricted and the provision of youth services dramatically reduced. The result is that some of our most vulnerable young people have both lost the support they relied on and become increasingly invisible. Many organisations who are passionate about young people are working hard to find creative ways to address this at a time when their own financial security hangs in the balance.

We urgently need to learn more the best ways to reach and support these vulnerable young people.

Our dual aims with this grant round are to help reach and support these vulnerable children while also learning the best way to provide this support in the present context. 

Section 1 - Basic Organisational Information

This section asks some basic questions about you and your organisation.  
Basic Organisational information

Please enter your registered organisation name

Location Attributes

Organisational Attributes

Do you consider your organisation to be diverse led?

We are collecting data on equalities to better understand the make up of the organisations this fund will support. We have a commitment to ensuring that we fully represent the diversity of the sector in our lending.

By diverse led we mean that key decision-makers, or 51% or above of the board and senior management team are from diverse backgrounds. These definitions are taken from research by the Arts Council. 

How many employees does your organisation have?

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Section 2 - what you want funding for

This section provides you with an opportunity to tell us more about what you would like funding for, and how it will support young people within your community.  
What to you want funding for

Please tell us where in England and Wales your work will be delivered by naming the Local Authority area(s) in which the activities will take place.

If you told us that you are working with others, please tell us the legal names of the other organisations you are partnering with and why you have chosen to work with these organisations.

Please tell us the ages of the young people you will target by entering the lowest and oldest ages of those that will take part.

Please tell us how many young people you are hoping to work with as a result of the funding you are applying for.


The Youth Endowment Fund exists to work with children and young people most at risk of getting caught up in crime and violence and providing support that will prevent this. We need you to tell us how you know that the young people you intend to work with are at risk of being drawn into crime and violence. Do you know this from previous work? Do you know this because of information that is being shared by other organisations in your area?

Select from this list any characteristics that you feel young people you intend to support have. You can select any or all of these characteristics. The number of characteristics you select will not affect whether or not your application is successful. Holt CTRL to select multiple options.

Are you working with young people already known to your service, or are you intending to reach out to new cohorts? What are the proportions of new vs. existing clients? Please explain how you have decided that this is the appropriate cohort of young people to work with at this time.

If young people are known to you, do you already have background knowledge of their needs that predates the lock down and is informing your work now? What is this knowledge? How was it collected and have you sought to update it since the crisis began?

If young people are known to you, have you managed to stay in contact during the lock down so far? How have you done so? If you haven’t been able to maintain contact with young people, what have been the specific issues that have caused this?

If young people are known to you, have you prioritised need amongst your cohort? How have you done so? If the young people you intend to work with aren’t already known to you, how have you decided that these are the young people that most need support at this time?

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What do you want funding for - continued

Are you seeing any patterns of need within your work to date since social distancing measure have been introduced? Have these changed from patterns previously observed prior to the pandemic? If so, what evidence do you have of these changes?

Are you seeing any patterns of need within your work to date since social distancing measure have been introduced? Have these changed from patterns previously observed prior to the pandemic? If so, what evidence do you have of these changes?

Through your engagement with young people so far, have you seen signs of the needs of young people at risk of being drawn into crime and violence not being addressed?

If you are intending to reach out to young people not currently known to your service, how will you go about your outreach during the lock down?

If you are intending to reach out to young people not currently known to your service, can you tell us how you have established priority need amongst this group in your area?

Please enter the proposed length of the work you are asking us to funding months. It is up to applicants to determine how long they wish to deliver activities for. In this round we will provide funding for work running for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of one year from the point of award. However, you will need to be able to run the activities as outlined in your application for this length of time regardless of how social distancing guidelines in the UK evolve. You won’t be able to modify your delivery timeframe or type of activities based upon the changing government guidelines. This is because The Youth Endowment Fund is mandated to evaluate everything that it funds and assess its effectiveness in preventing young people from being drawn into crime and violence. As such, knowing what you will do and over what time period you will do it will be a crucial part of our evaluation plans. However, we will work with successful applicants to understand the challenges and possible consequences should social distancing guidelines change.

We need to understand what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. So, please describe the activities will you be undertaking to achieve the aims you have described, and the timeframes for them. Please also tell us who will be overseeing and implementing the activities . If you wish to submit a one-page Gantt chart to show the activities and timeframes this can be uploaded with your application (however, this is not compulsory).

We need to understand what the activities will look like for the young people taking part in it. What activities do you intend for the young person to participate in? What is the aim of these activities and what outcomes are you trying to achieve for the young people that you will work with? What is the frequency and the duration of these activities? How long will a single young person participate in the activities?

Please tell us to what extent have you delivered this activity and/or worked with this type of young person before through similar activities. If the information is available, please describe the outcome of any previous work.

We need to make sure that everything we fund will meet current UK Government guidelines on social distancing. So please tell us how you can deliver your activities and adhere to these, both for the welfare of staff and the young people involved. We also need to understand whether the activities proposed would need to change if guidelines change. For example, if social distancing measures were removed completely, would this impact your ability to deliver the activities as planned?

We need to understand why you think that these activities will make a difference to the vulnerable young people that you are trying to reach. Why are the activities that you are describing going to make a difference to these young people? Does it relate to specific issues within the community, or specific challenges the young people themselves are facing? Ultimately, we want to understand your thinking as to why you think you will be successful in deterring at-risk young people from becoming involved in violent crime.

We will be funding organisations to help vulnerable young people. As such, it is essential that all successful applicants have appropriate policies and procedures with regards to safeguarding and are compliant with all laws relevant to them. Additionally, we need to make sure that you have thought about the additional safeguarding needs that both your activities and the current situation have created. For example, have you considered how young people may be put at greater risk if your activity is moved online?

The Youth Endowment Fund will assess the evidence base for your proposed work and likelihood for success. You do not need to do this. However, if you are aware of existing independent research that would point to your likelihood of success in implementing your activities, as well as their potential outcomes, please tell us about it. This could be your own research or that of others.

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Section 3 - The organisation and impact of COVID-19

This section asks for some information to help us understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your organisation.  The answers you provide here will not affect whether or not your application is successful but will help us to understand your current situation. 
The Organisation and it's COVID-19 impact

Hold CTRL to select multiple options

Hold CTRL to select multiple options

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Section 4 - Financial information

This section allows you to tell us about the funding you are requesting, as well as a little about your organisation’s financial history.
Funding ask

Grant Budget Details
Please outline what you would spend the money on if you are to be successful.

Financial information for the last 2 years

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Other statements for application

Declaration and privacy notice
By submitting this application you are confirming that all of the information contained within it is true and correct. You are also confirming that you have the authority to submit this application on behalf of your organisation/partnership.  

By applying to the fund you consent to the sharing of your details (including name, contact information and organisation details – including organisational financial information) amongst the Youth Endowment Fund partners for the purposes of managing the fund; the Youth Endowment Fund Partners are Social Investment Business, Impetus and Early Intervention Foundation. Your details may also be shared with the Home Office as the funder of the Youth Endowment Fund. Each organisations data policy can be reviewed on their respective websites.  We may also share your data with organisations which help us carry out our grant making activities.  For example, we share personal data with organisations which help us to assess our grant applications, or who evaluate the impact of our grants. Organisations which support our IT software and systems may also have access to personal data. In each case, we will only share personal data needed to carry out their work, and will do so subject to appropriate safety measures that are designed to ensure your personal data remains secure and is only used for the intended purpose.
We may also share personal data with government departments or other third parties who have funded the grants where this is a condition of their funding. We may also share your organisation’s contact details with your local parliamentary representative as they may want to contact you about the grant.

We keep your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes described in this notice or otherwise allowed by law.  

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