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Screening Questions

Thank you for your interest in being a FoodCorps service member! You are applying to join group of passionate leaders who will become the next class of AmeriCorps service members. Before applying, please review all the applicant information on our website at

We know that FoodCorps is stronger, more innovative, and more impactful when our service members represent a diversity of perspectives and life experiences and feel empowered to raise their voices, offer opinions, and be engaged. We enthusiastically invite people of all ethnic/racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages to apply to serve with us, as long as you turn 18 by the start date of service (typically early August). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Here are some things you should be aware of in order to complete the application with the least amount of difficulty and confusion:

  • If you have questions regarding the program, service sites, selection timelines, orientation, etc. please email us at

  • Submitting this application is no guarantee or promise of selection for FoodCorps service

  • It’s always a good idea to apply early. The application will remain open until all positions are filled. So if you are coming into the process a little late in the game, don't worry: you may make it into the pool after all!

  • Please note: FoodCorps requires COVID-19 vaccination for staff and service members, to the extent permitted by applicable state and local law. We do accept medical or religious exemptions.

Best of luck! We’re excited to learn more about you.

The FoodCorps Team

FoodCorps service members are required to have achieved at least a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent before the start of the term of service.

FoodCorps service members have to be 18 years old or older before the start of their service term.

If you have already served 4 terms (part-time or full-time) with AmeriCorps State or National, you are ineligible to serve as a FoodCorps Service Member. If you have served as a VISTA or NCCC, you are eligible to serve. If you have served the equivalent of two full-time terms of any AmeriCorps program, you may serve as a FoodCorps member, but you are ineligible to receive another Education Award.

Under AmeriCorps and FoodCorps requirements, FoodCorps service members have to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency.

Under AmeriCorps & FoodCorps requirements, you will not be eligible for FoodCorps service membership if you have been convicted of a violent felony or a felony charge for the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of any controlled substance or illegal drug use, are listed on the National Sex Offender Public Registry, refuse to undergo a National Service Criminal History check, or make a false statement concerning your criminal history. Any kind of convictions not mentioned above will not automatically disqualify you from FoodCorps, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Based on the answers you provided, you are not eligible for membership at this time.
Screening Questions

Make sure it is an e-mail address that will remain valid for at least the next 12 months.

Share your pronouns with us here!

Current Address

If you currently live out of the country, choose the state where you most recently lived.

Permanent Address

If you currently live out of the country, choose the state where you most recently lived.

Resumé and Transferable Experience

Don't have a resume? Take a look here for some resume templates!
Transferable Experience
We value non-traditional experience. Please share your most relevant volunteer positions, internships, club affiliations, or jobs you've held in the areas of food/nutrition, gardening/farming, education, health, youth development/childcare, community organizing, social justice, and/or the environment. Please begin with your most recent experience. 

Non-traditional experience can look like babysitting a younger sibling, summer camp experiences, participating in clubs, etc. 

If not performed with a formal organization, list "Self"

For example: January 2013 - September 2013

Please write one sentence describing your responsibilities or accomplishments.

Approximately how many hours per week did you dedicate to this position?


FoodCorps welcomes applicants from a wide variety of education and training backgrounds. Your level of education is not the primary determinant of your readiness to serve. Nonetheless, sharing your traditional or nontraditional educational background allows us to evaluate your knowledge and/or training in the fields of agriculture, culinary arts, food systems, education, public health, nutrition, and community organizing. 

We recommend that you share up to three of your most relevant and substantive educational experiences, which can include an apprenticeship, leadership training, certification, or study abroad program as well as your undergraduate, graduate, or high school studies. Please begin with your most recent training/education.
Highest Level of Education
Share the highest level of education you will have achieved prior to August 2, 2021.

Please use YYYY for the year.

If you would like to add additional educational experiences, please include the Institutions, Programs of Study, and Years of Completion.


Please use this space to add up to three references. Ideally we would like for at least two of the references to be people you have worked with in some capacity (for example, at work or through volunteering). One of them should be in a supervisory capacity (for example, a manager or professor).
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

Additional Considerations

If yes, please list the program and service term.

Please list any additional languages that you can speak and your level of proficiency with each.

Please select 1-3 choices. Use CTRL+click (or ⌘+click for Mac) to select multiple choices in this scrolling list.

Please select 1-3 choices. Use CTRL+click (or ⌘+click for Mac) to select multiple choices in this scrolling list.

FoodCorps has a high need for people interested in serving rural communities. Selecting “rural” to this question will not preclude you from being considered for positions in urban or suburban sites, but will allow us to more easily share your application with potential service sites.

You are not required to have access to a vehicle but your answer will ensure that we place you in the most suitable service position. If you will not have access to a car during your service term, please consult our website for a list of service sites where a car is optional or unnecessary.

Serving with FoodCorps is an 11.5 month commitment, but our service members are allowed to serve up to two years as long as they are still eligible as per AmeriCorps regulations.

For example, the name/relationship of the person, name of the college/university, name of the website, etc.
We embrace the fact that this a new relationship and thus, there are questions that we could ask that would give us a better picture of who you are. So tell us, is there anything we didn't ask that would be great for us to know about you?

State Selection

Please select your preferred state from the list. You will have the option of selecting up to three states you are interested in serving. Selecting the option "Open to Anywhere" will allow you to be placed in pools with the most need for applicants, so you will not need to make any other elections in this case. 

If you are to advance to the next round in the selection process, your application materials could be sent to any of your state preferences, based on need. If you are not selected for service in that state, your application may be sent to your second or third choice state for further review.

Some states are more competitive than others. Please visit our webpage to explore all site options.

Selecting "Open to Anywhere" may require relocation. 

Short Answers

This section provides you with a space to tell us in your own words about your motivations and interest in serving with FoodCorps. Use this opportunity to share your experience, accomplishments, skills, knowledge and anything else that makes you a unique and well qualified candidate. Before you craft your response, we encourage you to learn more about FoodCorps. Read about our mission, vision, and the approach we are using to build healthy school environments, and what experiences, knowledge, and skills best prepare people to serve with us. 

We know that writing isn't everyone's strong suit or preferred form of expression, so we have provided you with the option to attach a multimedia response to any of the questions below instead of writing.

(For example: online video or audio file, PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi presentation, photographs, blogs, excerpts from papers or lesson plans, etc. Multimedia files should be under 25MB.)


We have found that service members tend to thrive in communities where they are personally connected or with which they share real, lived experience. While we aim to place service members according to these findings, it is not always possible. The main intent of this question is to address those instances where we place service members in unfamiliar communities.

The following request for Black/Indigenous/Multiracial/Person of Color (BIMPOC) identity is for the purposes of directing applicants to the most appropriate question for their identified group. Candidate self selection will not be shared with managers nor will it be used as a determination of applicant qualification. If you are uncomfortable self identifying, please select the appropriate choice (Prefer not to answer).

Leadership Lens

Experience With Marginalized Communities

Leadership / Community Engagement


You in One Sentence

District-Level School Nutrition Projects

The majority of FoodCorps service members serve 1-2 schools in-depth, with a focus on hands-on food education that changes the way students experience food in school. This year, FoodCorps is excited to launch a small cohort of service members who will focus on school nutrition projects that will work to change what shows up on the lunch tray. Under the supervision of district-level school nutrition leaders, and with ongoing support and training from FoodCorps, these members will help to advance the goals and vision for school meal quality in the districts where they serve. 

Some examples of project categories may include procurement, menu management, school nutrition operations, and partnership building. This type of service might be a good fit for those interested in gaining experience with and learning about 
school nutrition leadership, public health nutrition, and marketing & communications.

Please note that this school nutrition-focused service placement is new and will continue to evolve as we learn with and from the service members who participate and the communities we serve. 

Selection Process

The process to fill the district level positions will take place at the same time as filling other service member positions. FoodCorps staff members will review your responses on a rolling basis and selectively invite qualified applicants to interview for the position in April and May. Offers will be extended in early June to the most qualified candidates. If you are not interviewed or selected to participate in district-level school nutrition projects, you will still be considered for service member positions in your preferred location(s). 

Optional Demographic Information

All of the questions on this page are optional and will not be visible to application reviewers or considered in the selection process. FoodCorps collects this information to better understand who is applying to our program and to meet reporting requirements of funders. 

FoodCorps respects diversity, and extends service opportunities without regard to age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital status, military or veteran status, or any other legally recognized protected basis under federal, state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances. 

FoodCorps does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In order to ensure we consider the needs of whole community, please consider the following optional questions:


Please review the following statements and certify their accuracy by checking each box and then initialing.

Section 1
I have read the FoodCorps application instructions and I certify that I am eligible to serve as a FoodCorps Service Member for the 2021-2022 term. Eligibility requirements include:
  • You must be 18 years of age by August 2021.
  • You are a U.S. Citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident.
  • You have achieved your high school diploma or GED.
  • You have not previously served four AmeriCorps State or National terms

Section 2
If I am selected as a finalist for a FoodCorps service position, I give FoodCorps permission to conduct criminal history background checks in accordance with the Corporation for National and Community Service guidelines. I understand that in accordance with AmeriCorps policy, I will not be eligible for service membership if I am listed on the National Sex Offender Public Registry, if I have been previously convicted of a violent felony, if I have been previously convicted of a felony involving the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of any controlled substance or illegal drug, or if I refuse to undergo a National Service Criminal History check. I understand that other prior criminal history does not necessarily prohibit me from serving with FoodCorps, but that each case will be reviewed by FoodCorps before my membership can be approved.

Section 3
I give FoodCorps permission to use any Non-Identifiable information that I provide in this application for programming purposes, including promotional or communications purposes.

Section 4
I certify that the information provided in this application is accurate. I understand that the withholding of any information sought by this application, or the giving of false information on this application, will result in a refusal of selection, or, if discovered after I am selected, in disciplinary action up to and including termination. I hereby grant permission to any person, firm, or corporation to release to FoodCorps or its representatives any and all information regarding my past service, work, or employment and my background. I waive any and all claims I might have with respect to the providing of such information. I further understand and agree that if I am offered and accept a service position with FoodCorps, my service would be on an at-will basis. This means that either I, or FoodCorps, may terminate the service relationship at any time with or without cause. It also means that FoodCorps reserves the right to determine and change at any time my service duties and responsibilities, reporting relationships, compensation and benefits, as well as its personnel policies and procedures for any reason or for no particular reason or cause. Finally, I understand and agree that this constitutes the entire agreement between me and FoodCorps with regard to my application for service.