Keller Center's eLab Summer Accelerator Program 2022 
Mentor/Advisor Form

The Keller Center’s eLab Summer Accelerator Program at Princeton University is a launch pad for student startups. The program is open, by application only, to some of Princeton’s brightest and most dynamic students. Based in the Princeton Entrepreneurial Hub at 34 Chambers Street in downtown Princeton, eLab is back in person in 2022! Over a period of ten weeks (June 1 to August 5, 2022), student teams will work intensively on their startup ideas, follow a specialized entrepreneurship curriculum, attend a series of workshops and meetings, and receive valuable mentorship and advising through a network of seasoned faculty, entrepreneurs, and technology experts, all with the goal of developing their startup ideas into viable startup ventures.

Mentors and advisors who are part of the eLab Summer Accelerator Program will be helping Princeton’s young entrepreneurs grow and learn what it takes to successfully start a company while at the same time enjoying the interaction with fellow mentors and advisors. 


We suggest that you and the students discuss the team's goals and expectations for the summer. It will also be helpful for you to make clear to the team what skills and areas of expertise you can bring to the table so that they understand how to make the best use of your valuable time.

Mentors and advisors should not have a vested interest in their startup team; they may not seek to invest in the startup, assume a board position, or take on any other company role. If a mentor/advisor is interested in establishing any such role with the startup, the Keller Center program manager must be notified and resignation from the program will be necessary. However, the individual may take on a more official (advisory/board) role after the program finishes, if they wish.

Mentoring and advising requires a trusting, confidential relationship based on mutual respect. Any individual engaging in University programs shall understand and abide by the University’s Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities and take note of the recently updated policy on Sex Discrimination & Sexual Misconduct.

  • Working with a student startup for the duration of the program 
  • Bi-weekly meetings take place over the course of the program
  • Meeting dates and times to be agreed upon between teams and mentors/advisors
  • The first meeting should happen by the middle of week two 
  • Meetings can take place in person, by phone, or Zoom
  • Invitations to various Keller Center and other University events throughout the year
  • 6/1/22  eLab Summer Accelerator Program starts
  • 6/17 and 6/20 Juneteenth Holiday (observed) - University closed
  • 7/4 and 7/5 Independence Day (observed) - University closed
  • 8/2 and 8/4 eLab Demo Days (Princeton and NYC
  • 8/5 eLab Summer Accelerator Program ends

Stephanie Landers – Program Manager, Keller Center:
Manda Ryan - Program Coordinator, Keller Center:
Elaine Caron - Administrative Assistant, Keller Center:

Thank you for your time in completing this form! We are thrilled that you will be participating in Princeton's eLab Summer Accelerator Program this year!