AI4ALL Prospective College Pathways University Partner Interest Form

About College Pathways:

AI4ALL College Pathways is a new initiative designed to spark interest and increase persistence in AI-related careers for undergraduate students who represent new voices in the field of AI. The program offerings are co-hosted with universities and will connect participants with an approachable introduction to AI, internships, career-readiness resources, and a supportive on-campus peer community.

University Partnerships:

College Pathways is currently partnering with 8 universities across the U.S. We will be adding new U.S.-based partners in 2022 and beyond.   Please complete the form below if you would like us to consider your university as the program grows.


Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, based on funding and partnership fit. 

We encourage universities with the following qualities to apply:

  • Have strong representation on campus of students who have been historically excluded from AI, including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian students, and women.
  • Embody a culture of flexibility and experimentation and an openness to the testing and feedback cycle that comes along with developing a new initiative.

Participating universities have access to the following resources:

  • 4-year CS and / or AI bachelor’s degree programs
  • Undergraduate AI course offerings
  • Program management capacity to support student outreach and recruitment
  • Administrative support to manage MOUs and budgetary concerns
  • A community of faculty and staff committed to increasing diversity in AI
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