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About AI4ALL

AI4ALL is a national nonprofit that is transforming the pipeline of AI practitioners and creating a more inclusive, human-centered discipline. We empower students to be AI Changemakers by cultivating an environment where they develop skills in critical thinking and relationship-building, and expertise in responsible AI.

To accomplish this, we seek students from communities that have been excluded in the AI space. Then we help them build identity in the field, and tap into their own agency and initiative as they build technical and leadership skills, and build relationship-driven networks. We focus specifically on serving Black, Hispanic and Latinx, and Indigenous folks; and women and non-binary folks. We partner with colleges and universities around North America.

AI4LL Ignite

This program is the centerpiece of AI4ALL’s career development work for college-level students. Participants begin in a 13-week intensive program during which they collaborate on a portfolio project under mentorship and guidance from industry experts. Though this is primarily a technical exercise, the program includes some career readiness content. After they complete this core program, students participate in more specific career readiness work, including internship application preparation and technical interview preparation.

Students are expected to participate in this part of the program within a year of completing the project work, and are allowed to repeat it. Students also participate in the Biannual Symposium, where students showcase their work and network with sponsors who share their passion for responsible AI. Students who complete the primary program are welcomed to join Changemakers Connect, a platform for networking and sharing employment opportunities with alumni.


Currently AI4ALL is open to discuss multiple modalities of partnerships, but especially interested in collaborating with U.S. and colleges and universities as well as organizations to recruit students to the AI4ALL Ignite accelerator.

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