Open House for Friends of Color Registration

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FGC is excited to provide a virtual Open House for Friends of Color. It is held every other Friday from 7-9 PM ET / 6-8 PM CT / 5-7 PM MT / 4-6 PM PT / 3-5 PM AKT / 2-4 PM HT. This is an unstructured space as a time for Friends of Color to spend time together. You are invited to come and share how you are feeling, a song, dance, poetry, story, or something that is meaningful to you. You are not expected to be present for the full two hours. It is a fluid event, you can spend five minutes or the full two hours with us. We can also provide an opportunity to spend time together in a breakout group just talking. We are excited for everyone to come together and enjoy each other's company!

FGC requires that all attendees must have registered for the event. All attendees agree to treat each other with respect. Like at all FGC events, we have a no-harassment policy in place during our time together, which you can read here.

If you identify and live as a Person of Color and would like to join us, please complete this form.


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